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If you're not innovating, you're falling behind.

According to Santander Mexico's "Megatrends 2024" report, technology is the way to make to provide banking services to the population.


In 2024, $200M will be invested in Artificial Intelligence to attract 93M internet users nationwide.


With the IA
COCO {Enrichment}
go up to 4 levels of categorization

Enriching financial data with IA is key to smart economic decisions.

Our service refines raw information, enabling financial institutions to uncover hidden patterns, validate data and gain a deeper understanding of their customers.


For Banks

Thanks to COCO{Enrichment} you will be able to clearly identify and show your customers the stores where they are spending: Category, name, logo and associated carbon footprint.

Use of predictive models based on AI and Machine Learning

Optimisation of data-driven decision making

Increasing operational efficiency by automating processes

Better understanding of customer spending

Possibility of

automatic clustering

Reduction in charge cancellations

Increased user satisfaction​

These companies already trust us

They managed to become a benchmark in innovation
by betting on a FinTech provider such as Coinscrap Finance.

Stay ahead of your competitors with COCO{Enrichment}

Having a technology partner allows them to offer online banking that attracts and retains customers.


Accuracy of data categorization

Our IA has been trained Spanish-speaking.


Daily transactions

Processed with Artificial Intelligence.


Saved by their customers

Thanks to innovative digital tools.


Users demand accurate digital tools

to obtain an up-to-date view of their finances


Use Cases

More accurate data to build relevant applications for your users or to support your strategic decisions.


Optimize your personal financial management (PFM) and business analysis (BFM) with the financial data enrichment API. Get detailed information to make informed decisions and reach your financial goals with confidence.

Risk indicators

Improve your risk assessment and financial scoring, all with a single financial data enrichment API. Make informed decisions and maintain full control in a single integration.

Predictive moments

Leverage data enrichment to anticipate future trends. Gain real-time predictive insights and uncover cross-selling opportunities.

Generation of indicators and Insights

It provides a detailed view of transactions and operations, allowing you to make informed decisions and make the most of the financial experience in your service.

Carbon Footprint

Reduce your customers’ carbon footprint and increase sales of sustainable products. Our Motor provides accurate financial transaction data from online banking users. Discover opportunities to offer sustainable products, driving a greener and more profitable future.

7 out of 10 young people use mobile apps for financial transactions.


Harness The Power of your financial data

Discover COCO, the most powerful AI-assisted enrichment engine for banking transactions on the market.

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