What is Microsavings?

Simplify the path to greater financial well-being with cutting-edge technologies.

Microsavings enables users to establish a financial safety net and achieve their monetary goals.

“The predictive analytics through AI enables personalized financial advice, investment suggestions and recommendations to save more efficiently”

Co-founder and CTO of Coinscrap Finance.

Discovering Microsavings

But, what is

Microsavings, an innovative financial practice, simplifies the savings process through simple rules and effective tools. It is based on the principles of behavioral finance, which explore how psychological and social aspects influence our economic decisions.

Its main objective is to cultivate the habit of saving and facilitate the achievement of long-term goals without requiring excessive effort or large financial outlays.

By taking advantage of technology, microsavings provide us with constant support and practical guidance, paving the way to a more solid financial health.

Day after day, microsavings demonstrates its ability to improve people’s financial stability and provide affective assistance in managing personal expenses. Its focus on accessibility and simplicity makes it an invaluable tool for any individual seeking to strengthen their financial situation.

This is how microsavings works

Goal - based planning

COCO {Auto Savings}

The first step is to establish the financial goal that will guide us in automating our savings. The list of goals is as broad as our imagination; you can choose between saving for a trip, buying a house, paying for college or creating an emergency fund. The key is to define clear and realistic goals.

The user can set his or her own goals or choose from among those generated automatically by artificial intelligence, following analysis of his or her financial habits. For example, if the user spent 400 euros on purchases during the Christmas campaign last year, the system can propose this micro-savings objective for the following Christmas season and thus amortize it over time.


Users define savings goals for travel, housing, education or emergencies.

The AI suggests goals based on the user's financial habits. For example, if you spent €400 at Christmas, it can suggest a similar savings goal.

Once the goals have been established, the system facilitates the automatic transfer of funds to achieve them.

Automatic Rules

COCO {Auto Savings}

Once goals are set, it is possible to set up rules to achieve them easily. Savings automation allows us to increase our financial cushion without realizing it by using behavioral finance principles.


Rounding: Allows you to round purchases to the nearest euro and transfer those cents to the saving account.

Periodic contribution: The user transfers a fixed amount automatically and recurrently to his digital piggy bank.

Income: Allows the user to allocate a percentage of each income to savings automatically.

Football team: After selecting his favorite team from a list, the customer can save with each goal or match won.

Steps: It sets a target number of daily steps and, when these are reached, the amount previously indicated is saved.


COCO {Auto Savings}

This strategy uses playful elements to keep us motivated and engaged. Elements that make the process fun and exciting can be implemented. For example, establishing comparisons between users, rewards and penalties based on our habits and savings rules based on sporting activities.


Gamification makes saving fun and exciting, motivating users.

Encourages friendly competition and community among users.

Rewards are given for meeting goals and penalties are applied for failure to do so, encouraging commitment.

Sports rules, saving rules can be linked to physical activities, promoting healthy and financial habits.

Tracking progress

COCO {Auto Savings}

Monitoring savings goals and seeing our progress keeps us committed to the challenge. Micro-savings tools are able to show how close we are to reaching our goal and send us financial recommendations to make it easier to achieve our goals. The secret is to increase control over our personal spending without making it effortless.


Helps maintain commitment to savings by seeing progression toward goals.

It offers financial recommendations to facilitate the achievement of our goals.

Increases control over our personal expenses in a simple way, without additional effort.

Improve your customers' financial well-being through microsavings.

Benefits of microsavings

Through AI, this intelligent system detects the ideal amounts and the perfect time to make contributions. It takes into consideration the individual circumstances of each user to determine the right amount for investment and savings. In addition, it identifies strategic moments, such as tax refunds or extra payments, thus maximizing contributions to different savings goals.

Diversify Risks

By saving on a regular and automated basis, our savings are distributed at different times and market conditions, reducing exposure to potential fluctuations and increasing the long-term stability of our piggy bank.


It is possible to adjust the amount of monthly savings according to the needs and preferences of each person. This flexibility makes it possible to adapt to the financial situation of each moment, which means better management of personal finances.


Being able to plan the amount saved effectively is another positive point. By setting long-term objectives and creating a savings plan, it is easier to achieve goals. With a clear vision of financial objectives, we can make more informed decisions and maintain a stable trajectory towards the goal, reducing superfluous personal expenses as much as possible.

Financial Discipline

By automating the savings process. By setting up automatic rules, we commit to saving on a regular basis without having to think about it. Undoubtedly, the automatic rule preferred by users is the rounding of purchases, due to its simplicity. The most important thing is to create the habit of saving and maintain a constant focus on financial goals.

Do you want to know how to boost your customers' financial health with micro-savings?

Micro-savings FinTech applications
that are changing the financial landscape

Several banks are already taking advantage of these innovative developments to help their customers increase their financial cushion. These are modules that are integrated into the digital platform and offer an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Some of the most popular applications on the market are Santander’s Hucha Santander, Evo Banco’s Hucha Inteligente or BBVA’s Cuenta Metas.

This technology enables banks to secure their customers’ financial future, helping them to achieve their goals. When a tool such as microsavings is implemented, the time spent using electronic banking soars, user engagement multiplies and loyalty reaches unprecedented levels. All because it allows users to regain control of their personal spending.

One of the most outstanding success stories is that of Banco Santander: In just 10 months, it managed to save 80,000 people 161 million euros! All thanks to its automatic savings module. With it, its NPS increased by 20% and its users opened 100,000 hyper-personalized piggy banks in less than a year.

Our customers have already integrated
a micro-savings module

Integrating a microsavings module into a bank's digital platform

White label developments are the best option for those entities that want to take advantage of the full potential of microsavings tools. This is software that integrates into online banking easily and at a reduced cost.

This system can be consumed through on premise installation -on the institution’s servers-, from a private cloud or from the Coinscrap Finance cloud. It is a totally flexible and multilingual installation.

Our team can get a project up and running within weeks of the initial kick-off. We are defined by agility and customization, which includes adapting our innovative modules to each bank’s interface so that the end user can enjoy the best digital experience on the market.