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Innovation must be understandable and accessible to everyone. Here you will find a toolkit with the developments that are bringing greater transformation into the sector and improving the turnover of bank entities.


NPS Boost

How can providing financial education to your users boost your NPS?


How to improve user engagement by helping them with PFMs?

BNPL and Loyalty programs

Is there a relation between BNPL and Loyalty programs?

Hyper personalized

Should banks offer hyper personalized products and services to their customers?


Analysis sentiment

Is there a way to submit the perfect message at the right time to increase your turnover?

User-centered design

How can you better understand your users by categorizing their transactional data?

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Insights and recommendations generator

Coinscrap Finance

Coinscrap Finance’s AI-powered categorization engine turns raw information into financial insights and enables you to deliver hyper-personalized digital experiences to your customers at scale.

Coinscrap Finance’s intelligent products enable businesses to leverage Open Banking to enhance affordability and risk assessments. Our predictive insights are built by combining transactions and enriched with data from other sources. Our products improve accuracy in decision-making, and support customers after acquisition through our engagement tools.

On-cloud, on-premise or vía SaaS

Dive into our technology through your prefered consumption type. Best-in-class integration.

Quality of data

Connect to the main banks and financial institutions worldwide.

Security and confidentiality

As an ISO 27001-certified company, all customer data is encrypted.

No PSD2 license required

We’ll provide you everything you need to operate under PSD2 regulation.

Trusted by developers

Updated and great API documentation for a fast and easy integration.

Fast time to market

White labeled tech products that drive you ahead of the market.

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