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Banking Innovation

5 benefits of AI explainability for the banking industry

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized decision-making in the financial industry. Banks leverage AI algorithms for a wide range of tasks, including fraud detection, credit risk management, and investment portfolio optimization. However, these AI models are often considered black boxes, making it challenging to understand how they reach their conclusions. This lack of explainability poses significant challenges for risk management teams in banking.

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This is a cover image during the Coinscrap Finance Meets interview where we see Andrés Romerales and Juanjo talking about open banking.
Fintech News

Andrés Romerales talks about Open Banking and FinTech entrepreneurship

Greetings to all fintech industry enthusiasts! Join us in a new summary of our LinkedIn Live with Juanjo Gómez, marketing director at Coinscrap Finance. We embark on a fascinating journey through the open banking revolution with Andrés Romerales, who gave us the keys to successful entrepreneurship and spoke about the open banking situation on both sides of the pond.

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