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15 Keys to improve the turnover of banking institutions

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Santander Piggy Bank Ebook Cover Coinscrap Finance Case Study

Hucha Santander

How Santander's customers saved 161M € automatically.

Cover of the #Yosiahorro product, microsavings solution by Coinscrap Finance and Mutua de abogados

EVO Smart Piggy Bank

The customer's savings are linked to the Smart Investment Plan, making their savings profitable.

Cover of the Cling_Cling product, microsavings solution by Coinscrap Finance and Caser

Caser Cling Cling

An innovative mobile application in which users can save and invest automatically with each purchase.

Mapfre: 360º

Wealth Management Solutions

Santander categorization

Understand their personal finances through categorization

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Cover image for the ebook 'Top Tech Innovative Services for Banking: 15 Keys to Improve the Turnover of Banking Institutions' by coinscrap Finance

Toolkit services for banking

15 Keys to improve the turnover of banking institutions​

Cover image for the eBook 'If They Grow with Data Enrichment, Why Not Your Bank? The Best Kept Secret of Tech Giants and its Application to the Financial Sector' by coinscrap Finance

If they grow with data enrichment, Why not your bank?

5 success stories where transactional enrichment improved the user experience

Cover image for the eBook 'Discover the Key Steps for a Successful Proof of Concept' by coinscrap Finance

Proof of Concept in the financial industry

Key factors for a successful implementation of a PoC

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Future of banking priorities customers lives
Fintech News

2023 banking priorities: What happens in customers’ lives?

We analyze the latest Accenture report on banking trends for this year and summarize its main keys. This document contains very relevant information for the financial sector and we also share our opinion as a FinTech. In the next lines you will learn everything you need to know about the future of banking.

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Level of financial education in Europe
Fintech News

Monitoring the level of financial literacy in Europe (EU)

According to the results published in the latest Eurobarometer, which was requested by the European Commission and coordinated by the Directorate-General for Communication*, the importance of having citizens educated in financial matters to maintain the economic well-being of the Member States is clear.

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Savings plans and automated rules

Automate your account

The easiest way to manage your financial situation

Group Expenses

Split group expenses and keep track of what's owed.