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Top Tech innovative services for banking

15 Keys to improve the turnover of banking institutions

Success Cases

Hucha Santander

How Santander 
customers saved 161M € automatically.

EVO Smart Piggy Bank

The customer's savings are linked to the Smart Investment Plan, making their savings profitable.

Caser Cling Cling

An innovative mobile application in which users can save and invest automatically with each purchase.

Mapfre: 360º

Wealth Management Solutions

Santander categorization

Understand their personal finances through categorization

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Toolkit services for banking

15 Keys to improve the turnover of banking institutions​

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Interconexiones Fintech para banca, sector público y empresa privada

Open Banking y la transformación de los servicios digitales

La Fintech que puso la inversión Fondos indexados al alcance de todos

Cómo agregar más de 200 cuentas bancarias en una app de seguros con micro ahorro

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Insurance challenges
Fintech News

Challenges for insurers in 2023

The global insurance industry needs to reinvent itself in order to meet the new needs of its users. According to McKinsey & Company, the main drivers of change for insurers are: digital transformations, the increase in environmental, social and governance concerns and the current unstable economic landscape.

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Digital Payment Methods
Fintech News

The digital payment revolution

We have enjoyed a new LinkedIn Live Meets with the Business Angel and CEO of Devengo, Fernando Cabello-Astolfi. He talked with David Conde and Juan José Gómez –CEO and HOM of Coinscrap Finance, respectively– about the future of global digital payments.

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The best tool to control your financial life


Savings plans and automated rules

Automate your account

The easiest way to manage your financial situation

Group Expenses

Split group expenses and keep track of what's owed.