Join and help us to transform people's financial health.

Our unique approach combines cutting-edge technology with data analytics expertise to deliver products and services that help people to make more informed financial decisions to achieve their financial goals.

Why choose Coinscrap Finance

Nossos culture

We are truly proud of the culture we have built over the years. Maintaining a pleasant environment is the fuel of our day-to-day work and allows us to nurture both our team members and the new profiles that join us.

We work with technology developed by people for people; therefore, Coinscrapers are our greatest treasure.

Nosso compromisso

Diversity and equality 

We value and celebrate differences in our team, which is made up of people of diverse ages, experiences, and geographic locations.

We believe that diversity drives innovation and we strive to create an environment where all employees feel valued and can achieve both their individual and collective goals.

In addition, we make sure to facilitate the participation of all our quarterly meetings, regardless of location, to encourage teamwork and shared enjoyment.


Nossos missão e valores

Ajudando mais de 2 milhões de famílias nos próximos 2 anos.

Este é o desafio e para o concretizar, vamos tornar-nos na plataforma de Saúde Financeira mais eficiente com IA, utilizando informação bancária transacional e princípios de economia comportamental em diferentes casos de utilização escaláveis e replicáveis para bancos, seguradoras e distribuidores de produtos financeiros.


You will do more with less, better and faster. If you can adapt and innovate a labor-saving method, why not apply it?

Run, baby, run

Como uma boa startup, sabemos o que é andar depressa. Nem sempre é necessário, mas quando é necessário, estamos prontos.


Somos inovadores, inteligentes, determinados e defensores da positividade e da curiosidade.

Open mind

It is in our DNA to welcome you as a new member with open arms and listen to different points of view. Progress is achieved by stepping out of the comfort zone.

Orientados ao detalhe

Queremos ser um exemplo para o resto dos nossos colegas e mostrar a melhor versão de cada um de nós.

Measurement as a tool

Medimos as nossas realizações pelos resultados obtidos. O que não pode ser medido não pode ser melhorado, por isso vamos medi-lo!


Training and development 

As Chief Team Officer, my goal is to provide team members with an environment where they feel motivated to grow and develop their careers.

To achieve this, we offer a training platform that helps us stay current and explore new areas of knowledge.

We value a culture of continuous learning, where everyone can expand their skills and knowledge.


Advantages of being a Coinscraper

Health insurance

Unlimited access to training platform

Personal equipment compensation

Quarterly corporate and teambuilding events

4 Day Work Week

Quartely bonus for compliance with OKRs

23 working days of vacation

Availability of one day for training

Specific training plan for each area


Wherever you want

Home or office?

At Coinscrap Finance, the first option will be remote. It allows us to balance professional and personal life and, to tell the truth, we have adapted very well.

Despite this, we are in daily, weekly and monthly remote meetings (All-Hands Meeting where we present progress and share training of interest).

Ah! Don’t forget the quarterly face-to-face meetings. Our great team building moment.

Open roles


our profiles by areas

Business, Sales & Marketing

Led by our CEO, David Conde in administration and business. Always accompanied by Juanjo Gómez as Head of Marketing. Here you will never get bored because they are always putting out content, publishing in networks, developing new strategies, etc. They never stop!

IT, Software development & Data

Oscar Barba is the CTO and the sheriff of all technological things at Coinscrap Finance. Committed experts who drive our technology infrastructure. From Data Scientists to Infrastructure, Back-End and Front-End professionals, we collaborate to deliver innovative solutions. Building the future of digital finance.


Led by one of the founders, Juan Carlos López, we like to call him JC because it makes it more professional. This department is responsible for "bringing down to earth" the new product ideas that come from David, Oscar, JC, Carlos... as well as from customers.


This is the area that I head as Head of People in which I am in charge of personnel management, recruitment, improvement of the environment, training and internal communication. You will have the first contact with me.

Start with us

Collaboration with universities

The first steps in your professional career may be the most difficult. Here we give a chance to promising young people through partnerships with universities and other training centers.

If your center is not on this list, don’t worry. We are open to continue adding to it and we will look for a way for you to have access to an internship with us.

Great question

Who I am?

I am Teresa, Head of People of this Coinscrapers team. It is a pleasure to introduce myself and tell you that I will be the first person you will meet during the recruitment.

You will have a meeting with me where I will explain what the project is like, what we expect from you and where you could solve any doubts you may have.

If you pass the first interview, then you will meet with the person in charge of the area you would like to join and, finally, you will meet the founders of this great family: David, Juan Carlos and Óscar, and you will be able to take on the world with us!

Ready to be a Coinscraper?