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EVO Hucha Inteligente

EVO Banco, part of the Bankinter Group, trusted COINSCRAP to add a new Intelligent Piggy Bank functionality based on the COINSCRAP savings rules to its electronic banking APP.

Mapfre - Pixel

Largest insurance group in Spain entrusted Coinscrap with the development and launch of a stand-alone App that allows users to supplement their Pension Plan through the usage of saving and gamification rules based on behavioural economics.

Bankia Redondéate

Fourth largest banking group in Spain entrusted us with the creation of a Web App that allows its customers to save money on the bank’s accounts through gamification and saving rules based on behavioural economics.

CASER Cling Cling

Coinscrap has won the tender offer for the development of CASER Cling Cling, an innovative product where users can get a customized card from Wizink and save with each purchase. 

Santander Cents

Banco Santander, one of the largest banks in the world has trusted Coinscrap to develop its automatic savings service and the banking transactional categorization for its PFM service and debt sharing module.

Bankia - Retos de Ahorro

Bankia trusted COINSCRAP to create a web savings platform that allows customers with an ON account with Bankia to save on their accounts using our COINSCRAP savings rules.

CASER - Vodafone Conmigo

Conmigo facilitates the management of the different situations of dependency that can be presented to families in the short, medium or long term. It allows savings by organizing payments at present or in the future, both individually and in groups.

Gimme Five

We worked together with MAPFRE to launch a family savings pilot focused on the youngest members of the household. GIMME FIVE allows the creation of savings groups for a common goal. Depending on the year of birth, it may have some functionalities or others.


We are in the process of developing an application focused on microsaving through rules with Generali.

Mutua dels Enginyers - Savings

Savins is an application focused on young mutualists so that the sometimes difficult task of saving is both simple and attractive. Through a very fresh design and very cool rules, the new generations will have it easy.

Coinscrap app

This is where it all began. Coinscrap is our first application and the one that gives us a name as a company. With more than 4000 registered users, we use it in many occasions to test new functionalities and to be able to offer them to our clients with guarantees.