Micro Savings

A simple way for your users to kick-start their saving journey

Our micro-savings module is designed to easily set small savings goals, savings plans and automated rules based on behavioral finance principles.

Goal-Based Planing: Users can choose between different financial goals and deadlines. The outcome of the configuration is a saving plan with a weekly monitoring process.
Automatic Rules: Customers can automatically save without even noticing with our saving rules.They can be activated and deactivated at any time.
Gamification examples: comparisons between users; savings on average, number of steps... Savings rules regarding sports. Penalties and rewards depending on the user’s habits.


Retail Banking

Insurance companies



Micro Savings



Engage generation Z with gamification modules. It has been proven that including gamification elements improves the digital experience of users. This method has established itself as one of the most effective ways to attract customers and increase turnover. 

Informs users at least once a week about their latest accomplishments.​
A goal-based approach that helps people visualize what they want to achieve.
Integrating seamlessly with every online and core banking system.
Improve your user’s saving ratio.
Relevant, personalized insights & advice based on behavioral economics.
+ 30
automatically saved per user in a year
without changing their financial habits