Group Expenses

Allow your customers to split group expenses and keep track of what's owed

Offer this high-demand functionality to manage group expenses and use it to increase your customer insight and generate new sales opportunities.

Group Expenses allow users to:

  • Create a group expense with their friends and family.
  • Add expenses without having an account, just for being a group member.
  • Invite as many people as they want using their phone book.
  • Pay what is owed via transfer, credit card or other digital payment method. 


Retail Banking


Group Expenses




Allow users to monitor their expenses, track shared expenses and balances and see who owes whom.


Share expenses with any group: travel, roommates, friends and family.

Add expenses easily

Add expenses on the fly before you forget who has paid and distribute what everyone owes.

Settle up

Pay debts with friends and record payments in cash, via Bizum or online.

Reduce the cost of acquiring potential customers

Exponential growth with a customer acquisition cost of 0 euros.


Users invite their friends as part of the onboarding process

When these users create their own groups, a growth loop is settled.

Reduce transactions

Decrease the number of payments by simplifying debts.

Increase engagement with your users

Build the best and most complete digital bank ecosystem.

1 %
of financial stress decreasing
when managing and splitting group expenses with an automatic tool