COCO {Loyalty}

Offers automatic rewards with every digital payment

Discover your customers’ shopping habits, build new revenue streams and improve customer loyalty with rewards for every purchase at retail partners.


Our loyalty module allows banks, insurers, fintechs and insurtechs to offer their customers an enhanced and personalised shopping experience. Through immediate cashbacks for purchases at certain merchants, you will improve your branding and increase your engagement.


Retail Banking

Insurance companies



Integrate your commercial

Extend your program by adding business and local account holders. Offer a white local solution to drive local business.

Establishes recurring

Obtain a constant flow by generating
commissions from rewards for
your customers.

Promotes the use of cards
with attractive rewards

Strengthen the loyalty of new and
existing customers with our retail
banking rewards program.


For financial companies:

Increase the time users spend on your app and quickly get new revenue streams by launching personalized offers, based on shopping habits. You will be able to monitor their digital interaction.

For merchants:

Discover offers and programs linked to bank cards that allow you to generate new business opportunities. Best of all, you will only pay for the sales you made.

For users:

Users receive their cashback automatically every time they make a purchase with their card or other digital payment methods. There is no need to make a purchase via a link or wait for an approval. When you buy, you get instantly a reward.

Data enrichment

The data is classified and enriched with the retailer's name, location and category, allowing rewards programmes to recognise participating merchants and deliver cashbacks in real time.

Automatic matching

When a customer makes a purchase at one of the physical or online shops that belong to the loyalty program, COCO matches the transaction with the retailer in real time to activate the cashback.

Cashback in seconds

For all eligible purchases, we activate rewards directly in seconds, reducing waiting time and increasing customer satisfaction.

Personalised offers

With the access to information about your customers' shopping habits, you can create hyper personalized-offers to increase user and retailer engagement.

30 %
of online customers
want an automatic solution linked to their card or digital payments, not through discount codes or links.