COCO {Insurance}

Discover sales opportunities for insurance and financial products thanks to open banking.

Increase your turnover by personalizing your offer as a result of the analysis of the transactional data of your customers.

We can be your digital transformation partner

Developing innovative tools internally can be a massive and expensive task. But it is necessary to create value for customers and stand out in an increasingly competitive environment. That is why insurers join forces with InsurTech to launch agile developments at a reduced cost.


Insurance companies


Advanced data analysis

Thoroughly examines transaction data to better understand customer spending patterns, providing valuable information for strategic decisions.

Sales opportunities

Discover new possibilities for products and services, driving revenue and strengthening competitive position.


Aligns insurance offers with customer spending habits, improving satisfaction and adaptation to their needs.


Our tool allows you to find sales opportunities by connecting accounts through open banking. For example: if the AI engine detects a kindergarten receipt, it will search for life insurance, a product that may be of interested to them. 

Due to the categorization and enrichment of the transactional data, we can see the expiration date of the insurance and make a counter offer or suggest a product in the event that there is no receipt associated with the “Life Insurance” expense. 

All this means an improvement in the user experience, since they will only receive commercial offers when they may be interested in it. The effectiveness of your sales team skyrockets thanks to greater customer knowledge. 


Transactional data categorization

Coinscrap Finance's AI engine analyzes millions of transactions in seconds to show a 360-degree view of customers' financial situation.



Our tool show 17 financial categories and more than 120 subcategories. The engine can also be trained to detect new ones.


Financial scoring

Offers automated ratios on the financial situation and solvency of the user. this allows the creation of different customer typologies.


Insurance coverage

Self-detection of customers' insurance: Type, amount, expiration date, frequency of payment, company name and more.


Non-financial assets

COCO{Insurance} also shows those assets that may be relevant for the financial planning and scoring of your users.

new cross-selling opportunities
discovered in each COCO{Insurance} report