Empower your financial institution by offering your customers personalised recommendations based on their financial behaviour.

Hyper-personalise your relationship with your customers to improve engagement and conversion. Discover and harness new up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.


Data is the world’s most valuable resource

99% of the collected data is never used. This data is also isolated in internal and external systems, often unstructured and rapidly changing. Analyzing these tons of data required major investments in human resources.

Current user demand personalized experiences, but raw transaction data remains difficult to analyze due to lack of standardization and enrichment.


Retail Banking

Insurance Companies




Maximize the ROI on your digital channel

Improve ROI by providing hyper-personalized financial information and insights by creating a comprehensive digital banking experience.

Drives customer
loyalty and retention

Builds trust through knowledge and highly personalized advice to increase engagement.

Find the right time

Offer products and services in a timely manner to your customers.



as a service

COCO {Insights} takes advantage of transactional banking data, categorizes and enriches it to build automated financial insights allowing you to better understand your customers financial habits.

COCO{Insights} provides you a dashboard with a full picture of the financial habits of the user from different points of view: income, expenses, saving capacity, consumer habits, insurance coverage…

Out-of-the-box and financial smart insights covering: day-to-day insights, onboarding new customers, transaction monitoring, subscriptions, optimize cash, saving tips, loan recommendations, etc.

Fosters business opportunities

Increases user recurrence

Generates new sales opportunities

Improves up-selling and cross-selling programs

Users can increase their ability to save money

40 %
of the transactional data is never used
Change and take profit of this is at your fingertips