Enriching financial data with sustainability metrics.

Boost your ESG strategy identifying the environmental impact our your customers’ transactions, enrich them and discover new selling opportunities to offer green products.


COCO {CO2} Solution

Offer your customers a new service through a white label that offers innovative features, combined with an excellent user experience, will allow you to launch a new feature within months. Discover the power of ESG strategies to engage the youngest generations of customers.


Retail Banking

Insurance Companies



Breakdown by consumption

We provide a detailed overview, breaking down the carbon footprint into categories for users to identify key areas for sustainable change.

Balance and accessibility

It achieves the perfect combination of accuracy and ease of use, avoiding over simplicity or unnecessary complexity.

Reliable data

We base our estimates on robust data to provide accurate calculations, thus strengthening the argument and motivation to implement carbon reduction actions.


COCO {CO2} enables banks to create highly engagement digital experiences and launch new green products.

With COCO {CO2} customers can see their monthly carbon footprint in kg CO2-eq under categories like food, supermarkets and shopping, home, transport and automotive, leisure, health, education and services.

The COCO {CO2} module allows banks to take advantage of the opportunities that PSD2 opens up and offer a different value proposition in order to gather more information from its users.


Observation deck

Monitor the user's carbon footprint on a daily basis to offer relevant information.


Community awareness

Compare customer's GHG emissions with those of other bank users.


Getting advice

Give ESG recommendations to improve the environmental impact of your customers.

Business opportunities

Promote the use of green products to neutralize part or all of the emissions.

30 %
of Gen-Zens and Millennials
Expressed interest in using a carbon footprint tracker provided by their bank.