The all-in-one solution to improve your customers' financial health.

With Micro Savings, Automate your Account and Group Expenses you will offer the tools your users need to control their financial situation at any time.

A simple way for users to start saving automatically and with barely no effort, to control their financial life or to split their group expenses with friends and family.

All in one place, with an intuitive and attractive interface, which will keep them longer on your App or online platform and increase their engagement.






COCO {Auto-Savings}

3 different automatic tools to delight your customers

Micro Savings functionalities:

• Periodic contributions
• Saving part of the income
• Gamification rules
• Round up to the selected figure

Automate your Account, offers:

• Transfers at a stipulated minimum balance
• Transfers when the maximum balance is exceeded
• Round up purchases made with card
• Saving a percentage of your paycheck

And, with Group Expenses, you can:

• Easily add expenses
• Track the overall situation
• Set the conditions for each group
• Pay debts through different means


Our mission is to help the banking industry by offering innovative solutions that became useful products for the user.

As a result, with COCO{Auto-savings} your customers will be able to take control of their household finances and feel more secure with a constantly updated and enriched picture of their economy.

With Automate your Account, they will establish rules to improve their financial health. Using the Micro Savings module they will save effortlessly and, with Group Expenses, they will have a place to divide the cost of trips, purchases, restaurants and more.


Customer engagement

Banks can increase customer engagement and loyalty by offering them useful solutions


Net Promoter Score

The rise of App engagement guarantees customer retention and NPS increase


New acquisition streams

All COCO Microsaving tools allow users to easily share goals or invite new members than can become your new customers

1 %
of Millennials mentioned cost of living as their greatest concern
They and GenZ claim that they live "on a shoestring" and
are stressed about not being able to cover their expenses*
* Global 2022 Millennials and Generation Z Survey. Deloitte