Automate your account

The easiest way for your users to manage their financial situation using simple and automatic rules

Manage personal finances is now much easier with
our automatic planning tool.

Automate your account

Managing bank accounts is a priority for your customers. That’s why we created a product that offers them the possibility of setting up automatic rules so they can establish a minimum desired balance, save a percentage of their payroll or activate rounding-up on their purchases, among other simple rules.




Automate your account


End of the month savings

1. Select the accounts

The users will decide the bank account they want to use to set up the automatic rules and which one will be used to keep the savings.

2. Activate automatic saving rules

Our automatic rules are designed for the user's benefit. They will reach their goals faster and much easier.

3. Start saving

Once they have configured the savings rules it is time to relax, our tool will do all the hard work for them.

4. Get notified

They can control the activated rules at any time. If one of them is executed, we send a notification.


Offering solutions to your customers that guarantee an improvement in their day-to-day lives makes the difference between engagement and churn.


In today’s world, we all need to develop technologies that can compete in a saturated market. That’s why we offer tools that can improve your digital ecosystem with almost no effort.


Allowing your users to control their financial situation you build trust, something that can be boost with “Automate bank accounts”.

Minimum balance

If the account balance is below the setup minimum, a transfer will be made to reach that amount.

Maximum balance

If the account balance overpasses the configured maximum, a transfer of the extra amount will be made.


Save the difference between digital purchases and the nearest euro by accumulating those cents in the account or the investment product chosen.


% Incomes

Users who activate this rule save a percentage of all their income: payroll, transfers, returns...

End of the month

If at the end of the month the user has less expenses than income, a percentage or a fixed amount will be saved automatically.

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double your customer engagement
by providing tools to help your users to manage better their finances