One {Smart} Platform
multiple solutions

COCO {Categorization}

Turn raw transactional data into clear financial information, analysing and categorizing it with more than 90% accuracy

COCO {Insights}

Empower your financial institution delivering personalized recommendations and product-based advice to your customers


COCO {Auto-Savings}

Automate your Account and Group Expenses are tools that help your customers control their personal finances at any time


Boost your ESG strategy identifying the environmental impact our your customers’ transactions and provide green products


COCO {Loyalty}

Analize shopping habits, build new revenue streams and improve customer loyalty with rewards at partner retailers

Our AI-powered categorization engine turns raw information into financial insights that enables you to offer hyper-personalized digital experiences to your customers.

White label

Ready to set up white label solutions that could be easily embedded into your digital platform. Accelerate the launching of new innovative features due to our plug&play modules.