Coinscrap is the reference company in Spain as a provider of micro-savings services to banks and insurance companies, which allows it to cover with «cash» functionalities practically all the points required in the RFP.

Goal-based plan
Launch your finance Solution

Allows the user to choose between different financial objectives and time horizons, resulting in a savings plan with weekly monitoring. One product for each saver profile.

PSD2 Aggregation

Users can add accounts from almost all European banks. 

Possibility to connect as many accounts as the user wishes.


The user has a complete picture of his finances.
Income and expenses separated by categories.
Saving tips based on our business intelligence engine.

Categorization Engine

Property of categorization engine developed in collaboration with a research group from the University of Vigo specialized in semantic analysis.
Machine learning and IA technologies.


Comparison between users’ habits (average savings, number of steps…)
Saving rules related to sport (match won, goals).
Penalties and rewards depending on users’ habits (no caffeine, no nicotine)

Customer Engagement

  • Push notifications for tracking user objectives and achievements.
  • Periodic mailings with reports on expenses and saving tips.
  • Challenges and competitions between users.

The Rules of the Game

Our rules are easily activated and deactivated. They help the user grow their savings in record time.

Round Up

Save the difference between your purchase and the nearest euro by accumulating those cents. Give speed to your savings by rounding up to 2€, 3€, 5€...

% Incomes

The user who activates this rule saves a % of all his income (payroll, transfers, returns...) He can select between 1% - 20%. of his income.


We connect with GoogleFit and depending on the achievement of the daily steps goal, we establish a saving. Being in shape has a reward!


The user donates a % of his savings to an NGO. At Coinscrap we have an agreement with the Spanish Association against Cancer.


The user chooses his favorite team. We connect to all official matches and every time that team wins, the application automatically saves 1€.

Hot Saving

This is a saving that the user can make at any time and for the amount he wants. The best way to boost your savings.

Periodic Contributions

By activating this rule, we will make periodic savings. It is the user who chooses the amount, the periodicity and the moment when he wants to start.

No Caffeine
No Nicotine

For every coffee you stop drinking, the application will save 1€ but if you cannot resist smoking, you will be penalized with 1€ for every cigarette.

Partner &

Projects with loyalty or reward programs that are obtained by detecting movements associated with a specific partner or sector (electricity, water...).

On Demand

We can customize all our rules at the request of our customers.

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