Top 5 FinTech startups to consider in Colombia

Technological development has become one of the most profitable and attractive in the market. As far as the financial sector is concerned, there is a wide range of companies that use technological solutions to provide services of this type.

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It is worth knowing which are the Top fintech startups in Colombia in 2022.

Colombia’s current financial situation

The Colombian financial market is one of the most advanced in the region in terms of technological integration.

According to the guild, Colombia Fintech, during the fourth version of the Latam Fintech Market (July 2022), indicated that 76% of the population that develops personal financial activities uses some service of the fintech sector. Precisely for this reason, this market has grown so much: around 322 companies make up the sector.

The last report presented by Colombia Fintech in May 2022, warns that the sector is organized in nine well-differentiated areas or segments.

Among the most important are credit services and payment methods, which have a share of 33.11% and 26.42% in the sector, respectively.

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Top 5 fintech startups in Colombia

The following list comprises the main players in the fintech sector to date. These present different characteristics according to the technological segment in which their activity falls; payments, credit, neobanks and management services, insurance and corporate finance, among others.


Valiu offers one of the most important systems of the moment. Its technology allows storing digital money to perform all kinds of payment transactions, transfers and bitcoin exchange. It also has a platform that uses machine learning algorithms to guarantee a 10% return on its cryptocurrency investment fund (crypto hedge fund).

The company offers financial services of all kinds for bitcoin trading. It is mainly used for sending remittances backed by blockchain technology.

As of April this year, the company perceived a pronounced growth in its market share. This is because the company was able to respond to the demand for accessible remittances for the Venezuelan people.


This Colombian fintech startup has one of the most important financial management applications in the country. This software offers the possibility of managing the financial activity of companies and businesses quickly and securely.

Thanks to this, the organization unifies the management of operations, transactions and reconciliations on a single platform without the need for a major investment.

Simetrik‘s main purpose is to build automated and customized management processes according to the characteristics of the company and its financial needs. This generates performance reports, financial templates and issues account statements instantly. This company became one of the most competent in this field after receiving capital from Mercado Libre.


R5 is one of the best performing financial services platforms in the Colombian market for loans and insurance. It has a business model that allows it to use different assets as vehicles as collateral for operations. As a result, clients can obtain larger amounts and better payment terms.

This fintech startup is also an insurtech -a technology company that offers insurance services-, so it also has different coverages for vehicles. The company’s services are especially useful for those who have a negative financial history and are therefore unable to access traditional services in the sector.

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This startup has grown considerably over the last few years. It is a company dedicated to providing immediate liquidity financial services. Its target consumers are the self-employed and freelancers. From these it acquires accounts and receivables using a high-performance platform.

Its business objective is to facilitate the collection of invoices from workers who, because of their activity or task, receive deferred payments for their services. This currently represents a considerable proportion of the active labor market. As a result, Factcil assumes the financial burden in exchange for a return for the months covered.


Finally, this platform is one of the best performing in the area of crowfunding -open investment systems-. Its main objective is to assist the financial needs of small and medium-sized farmers. The platform allows the creation of investment funds with direct participation of users, who obtain certain benefits for financing farmers.

Agrapp focuses mainly on financing small-scale agricultural projects. The idea arose because these projects do not qualify for investment by conventional means -either because of their capital or because of the cost of such means. In this way, the company has been able to satisfy a great demand for financial services thanks to technological solutions and crowdfunding.

Colombia’s financial sector is one of the most active in the region. As a result, the group of companies that make up this top fintech startups in Colombia have positioned themselves as some of the best performers in the financial market in general.

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