The importance of choosing the best digital payment method today

It seems incredible that we have not yet published a specific article on the new digital payment methods. We have mentioned it indirectly in other posts, but we had not delved into this topic belonging to Open Banking.

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Fortunately, Paola Rojas, Afterbanks Arcopay Communication Manager, has collaborated with Coinscrap Finance to develop this article on the best digital payment methods today.

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She has a degree in Journalism from the UCLM and a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Business / Corporate Communication from the ENEB. She has been in charge of the Communications Department of Afterbanks | Arcopay for more than three years.

Her duties include evaluating and securing opportunities for the company, managing national and international events, as well as generating key content that serves to implement strategies that help achieve the objectives set by the company.

The Rise of Digital Payments: A Growing Trend

According to a report by Capgemini, digital payments have surged in recent months, with 47% of Spaniards reporting an increase in their use of digital payments during the pandemic.

Moreover, 48% of respondents say they plan to continue using digital payments in the future.

Choosing the Best Digital Payment Method: A Crucial Decision

In today’s digital landscape, selecting the best digital payment method is crucial for both companies and individuals. Outdated options and complex processes can hinder transactions and lead to dissatisfaction. Therefore, it is vital to choose a digital payment method that aligns with specific needs.

Embracing Innovation in Digital Payment Methods

As technology continues to evolve, new digital payment methods are emerging to meet the demands of consumers and businesses. Pay-by-link payments, for instance, have gained popularity due to their simplicity and security.

At Afterbanks Arcopay, we’ve developed a payment solution based on pay-by-link payments, offering traceability, security, and simplicity to users.

Our Commitment to Excellence in Digital Payment Solutions

Our digital payment solution is designed to handle high-value transactions seamlessly, with full traceability and compliance. With a unique track ID for each transaction and coverage beyond Spain, we ensure a transparent and reliable customer journey. Moreover, our PSD2 licenses underscore our commitment to regulatory compliance.

Embracing Open Banking for a Better Financial Future

The rise of Open Banking has paved the way for greater innovation and accessibility in financial services. By democratizing access to financial services and enhancing security, Open Banking has transformed the financial landscape.

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Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Digital Payments

As the financial ecosystem continues to evolve, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve. At Afterbanks Arcopay, we’re committed to driving innovation and delivering exceptional digital payment solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients and the market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital payments have surged in popularity, with consumers increasingly relying on them for transactions.

  • Choosing the best digital payment method is crucial for both companies and individuals.

  • Innovative digital payment methods, such as pay-by-link, offer simplicity, security, and traceability.

  • Our digital payment solution ensures seamless transactions, compliance, and reliability.

  • Open Banking has revolutionized the financial landscape, driving innovation and accessibility.

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