Starting 2023 with a rebrand and a new website!

You may be used to starting a new year with some resolutions... Well, at Coinscrap Finance, as a good scale up, we just did all the job beforehand and now we are ready to show you some important changes.

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New Corporate Visual Identity

Rebrand Coinscrap Finance
New Corporate Visual Identity of Coinscrap Finance

Since the brand was born in 2016, we have grown in many ways and we wanted to reflect that maturity in our identity. This redesign comes at a crucial moment for the company: our mission for the coming years is to be the leading company helping the financial industry to offer hyper-personalized products and services to its customers through the analysis and categorisation of bank transactional data.

Our logo is now more powerful, with a stronger representation of our vocation towards finance and with a new isotype representing transactions thanks to the arrows evoking cash incomes and expenses.

This is a natural evolution towards an image with greater visual impact due to the new colour palette, typography usage and new isotype.


Designed to work alone or with the logo, it conveys the company’s mission: to be the financial health platform of the future, using AI to analyze millions of transactional data.
Indeed, the arrows that form our isotype represent that banking data: perfectly analyzed, categorized and classified incomes and expenses. Ready to serve our customers as a starting point towards exponential business growth.

Harness the power of transactional data and apply COCO’s artificial intelligence to analyze and categorize banking data.

Always living together with the isotype, our new logo bring strength and stability due to its increased weight –using the usual Poppins in its Bold version– and the size of the word “finance”, which now appears on the left, offering support to the brand that was born in 2016, and accompanying it in a prominent place and in a tall box.
The fact that our brand speaks English is a statement of intent for prospects at home and abroad. English is the language of finance and the most widely used language on the planet, with almost 1.5 billion speakers by 2022.

Coinscrap Finance is growing and expanding in the FinTech universe!

Colour palette

Without being particularly disruptive at this point, we have chosen to use the complementary colour to our orange: a deep blue that represents stability, security and intelligence

Orange will be the secondary colour to convey the idea of creativity and action that defines Coinscrap Finance.

In this way, the palette is perfectly balanced and allows us to position our company as one of the most outstanding scale-up companies on the national scene, according to the following:

Brand personality

Based on the archetypes developed by Carl Jung, one of the fathers of psychoanalysis, we define Coinscrap Finance as the archetype that uses intelligence and analysis to understand the world. Our strategy is based on the search for information and knowledge, self-reflection and understanding of thought processes. The search for truth translates into research, development and innovation, in our case.

Our products are based on Behavioural Economics and the great contributions of the 2017 Nobel Laureate in Economics, University of Chicago Professor Richard H. Thaler. In his work, Thaler argues that psychological insights should be incorporated into economic analysis to gain a better understanding of the user and help them achieve their financial goals. Moreover, this will benefit many areas, such as public policies, laws and private companies.

Richard Thaler
Richard Thaler

New developments

Our categorisation engine, COCO, continues to evolve and we want to show you its latest applications. Our {Smart}Platform offers the financial industry a multitude of solutions to launch products and services that consumers will love:

COCO’s Logo

COCO {Categorization}

Understand and organise transactions into categories to deliver data-driven services. By enriching your banking transactional data, you will better understand your customer and make the best business decisions.

The enormous amount of data generated daily in bank accounts lead to long and complicated strings of text, duplicated lines and hard-to-understand figures. Without processing this amount of data, it is not possible to make business decisions that ensure success.

COCO {Insights}

Empower your business by offering recommendations and products based on your customers’ financial habits. You will be able to hyper-personalise your relationship with them and improve engagement and conversion. 99% of the collected data is never used, it is isolated in different systems (internal and external), unstructured and often changes rapidly. 

Discover up-selling and cross-selling opportunities due to information analysis!

COCO {AutoSavings}

With Micro Savings, Automate your account and Group expenses you will offer the tools your users need to manage their finances. It is the most complete solution to improve your users’ financial health and the easiest way for them to start saving automatically and effortlessly. Give them control over their financial life and you will have a customer for life.

All in one place, with an intuitive and attractive interface, that will keep them in your App or online banking for longer.


Boost your ESG strategy by identifying the environmental impact of your customers’ transactions and compensating their carbon footprint. Our tool enriches transactional information with the calculation of CO2 emissions.

Offer this new white label service with innovative features and an excellent user experience and launch it in a few weeks. Discover the power of ESG strategies to connect with younger generations.

COCO {Loyalty}

Discover your users’ shopping habits, create new revenue streams and improve their loyalty with rewards for every purchase. Our loyalty module allows banks, insurance companies, fintechs and insurtechs to offer their customers an enhanced and personalised shopping experience. 

Through immediate cashbacks –when making purchases at partner merchants– you will improve your positioning and increase engagement with your digital products and services.

We look forward to hearing what you think about these new features, so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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