Ranking of the best mobile banking apps in Spain 2024

The indiscriminate advance of applications and management programs has permeated most business activities in daily life. In the case of the banking sector, the best mobile banking apps have a series of advantages and benefits that users prefer over the traditional option.

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In an increasingly digital world, banking is no exception and the use of mobile applications to manage our finances has become a necessity. In this sense, many financial institutions have made available to their customers a wide variety of applications to make their transactions and queries quickly and securely.

In this article, we will analyze the best banking apps of 2024, considering the user experience, functionality and security they offer, as well as the innovations they have included to make financial life easier for their users.

Currently, there are many mobile banking apps with which to manage our finances.

First of all, let’s see…

What are mobile banking apps?

These applications are computerized management services that make it possible to manage personal finances and carry out most of the operations in the sector. They are interfaces that have the data of our accounts that users can access in real time.

These applications make it possible to automate operations and significantly reduce the cost of management, greatly simplifying the processing of requests and queries. The user can monitor accounts, deposits, make transfers and access all kinds of benefits associated with mobile banking.

Today, most traditional banks offer some type of mobile banking service or application available for managing your finances. This phenomenon had its greatest increase during the pandemic, when it became essential to be able to do these types of operations remotely.

Features of the best banking apps

As these are commercial products and services, the main characteristics of virtual banking applications are shared by the various providers in the market. However, some of them stand out among their competitors for having better ratings among users and having a greater operational capacity and variety of services.

On the other hand, the possibility of navigating the application in an agile and intuitive way also represents an extremely important point for the user. In this sense, the application must be visually attractive, understandable and simple.

Thirdly, the cost and the possibility of unrestricted access to the service: mobile banking is characterized by fierce competition between different banks and applications, so the cost can be a determining factor —commissions, subscriptions, account linking, etc —.

Finally, mobile banking applications must have a high operational capacity to quickly process user queries, requests and transactions. The best applications are those that minimize customer waiting time.

Which are the best mobile banking apps of 2024?

According to the latest reports, the number of transactions that are now conducted online far exceeds the volume of transactions that are conducted in person at branches and call centers.

The best apps are also the ones with the most subscriptions due to the quality of service and user experience. They are inexpensive and offer benefits and rewards to users, as well as the ability to handle an increasing variety of transactions.

BBVA mobile

The best performing app on the market belongs to BBVA bank. It won the award for the best banking application on the planet. According to its functions, user experience and management features, it has the best performance and operational capacity.

Indeed, most banking operations transfers like payments or queries  can be performed quickly and easily. The application produces reports and customizes the use so that the most frequent operations are more accessible and less time-consuming.

The interface is intuitive and adapts perfectly to the functions of the different devices and operating systems on the market. It has very few restrictions on the type of operations.

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Sabadell Mobile App

This application is another of the best valued by users and developers in the sector. It is simple and agile in the operations it offers; account management, transactions, investment and payments, among others:

The application has the digital signature system that allows simplifying the process and accessing a greater number of operations without resorting to a second security verification.

Sabadell’s App is constantly updated to improve the quality of service, with the aim of remedying the reservations caused in the market due to the poor performance of this and other applications in previous years.

ING Spain

In the case of banking applications, ING is one of the most representative of the sector. This Dutch institution offers banking, investment and insurance services, most of which can be transacted through its mobile app.

The entity has a very strong presence in the digital sphere, but does not have a physical presence similar to traditional banks: it offers the possibility of withdrawals without commissions in other institutions such as banks and supermarkets.

It is an app that focuses especially on online services and, therefore, invests heavily in improving the user experience.

Banco Santander

With more than 10 M installations, Banco Santander’s mobile app is considered one of the best in Spain due to the wide variety of functions and services it offers its users.

The application allows users to make bank transfers, balance inquiries and account movements, viewing of different types of cards like any other app. In addition, Banco Santander customers can make payments using the Bizum mobile payment system without having to leave the app, which simplifies this type of simple transactions.

Let’s talk about its interface, which stands out for being very intuitive and highly usable. In addition, the application is compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices and operating systems, with no difficulties in responsive adaptation.

The Santander App leads the banking sector thanks to the personalization of its products and services. One example is the Santander Piggy Bank tool with which the customer sets savings goals based on their objectives and desires.

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CaixaBank Now

CaixaBank’s mobile application is recognized as one of the most complete and secure in Spain.

One of its main features is the wide variety of functions offered to its users that most of the usual banking apps offer. However, it allows the management of investment and savings products, as well as the contracting of financial products, such as loans and insurance.

If the Caixabank app were to be singled out for a single feature, it would be its high level of security. The application has advanced authentication technology, such as the use of fingerprint and facial recognition, which guarantees data protection and user privacy. The application also uses data encryption and offers the possibility of configuring alerts and transaction limits for greater security.

EVO Banco

EVO Banco’s mobile app is different from other banking apps because of its focus on user experience and technological innovation. One of the app’s main standout features is the usability of its modern and attractive design.

The EVO Banco app offers a number of innovative features that make it unique. For example, it allows the opening of a current account 100% digitally in just a few minutes, without the need to go to a physical branch. It also offers a spending analysis tool, which allows users to learn in detail about their spending habits and keep track of their personal finances.

The “all-digital” philosophy of this bank can be seen in services such as the Smart Piggy Bank. With this tool you can make use of automatic micro-savings by rounding up your purchases and setting yourself the objectives you want to meet your savings goals.


In this ranking, a neobank could not be missing. Imagin has made this list because it is a digital entity designed exclusively to operate through mobile devices. This allows greater convenience and ease of use for users, in addition to eliminating geographical and time barriers.

It offers a wide variety of banking services ranging from checking and savings accounts, credit and debit cards, to personal loans and insurance. The application allows national and international transfers, bill payments, mobile top-ups and access to discounts and exclusive promotions. All this with an intuitive and personalized user experience, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In short, Imagin is an easy-to-use mobile banking app designed to meet users’ financial needs efficiently and securely. Highly accepted by Generation Z and Millennials.


Bankinter’s application stands out as one of the most complete and functional on the market. It offers a wide variety of services, such as checking balances, making transfers, managing cards or contracting financial products.

Like others in this ranking, the Bankinter app stands out for its high level of security. It uses biometric authentication systems, such as facial recognition or fingerprint, to guarantee the privacy and protection of customer data. It also has parental control tools and spending limits for cards, allowing users to have greater control over their finances.

Ratings and reviews of apps by their users

The opinions and ratings of the users themselves are a key part when making a final decision, especially when choosing an app with which to manage your finances.

Therefore, here is a table with the scores of the reviews of the stores and the total number of downloads of each application:

Ranking Rating Banking Apps Stores

The financial and banking sector has undergone a major transformation due to IT developments. The majority of transactions are carried out online and new generations of customers expect an ever-increasing performance. The best mobile banking apps anticipate this phenomenon.

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