Most innovative Fintechs of 2022

Like every year, Open Future World has prepared its annual ranking of the most innovative Fintechs after tracking more than 1,000 organizations in 80 countries. Which ones have been the most successful fintechs of 2022?

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After a year of new developments and the growth of our product portfolio, we would like to share the global situation of FinTechs companies. 

A quick look around is enough to see how we have changed the landscape of finance due to open banking.

Like every year, Open Future World has prepared its annual ranking of the most innovative Fintechs after tracking more than 1,000 organizations in 80 countries.

The financial startups that we mention below are changing the landscape of the sector with their developments and we look at them to be better every day. The most important are in the UK and the US, but Mexico sneaks into the top 10 this year.

What can we expect from 2023 in fintech?

Open banking is on its way to transform international finance and we will surely see a multitude of innovations related to payment methods, loyalty, financial inclusion and enrichment of bank data.

The following list shows us that innovation has no borders. In addition, developers are moving forward in their continuous search for novelties anywhere on the planet.

As Scale up FinTech, at Coinscrap Finance we continue to bet on research to offer unique novelties that will allow us to appear in the Open Future World ranking next year.

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Below we analyze the keys to the success of the technology startups that have managed to reach the top of the 2022 ranking:

The 8 most successful fintechs in 2022

1st place: Plaid

As Ripsy Bandourian, director of Plaid in Europe, indicates:2022 has not only challenged people, but also companies in general. Business leaders are looking for new ways to navigate the current situation and increase efficiency”, she told last December.

“As a result, more customers are asking Plaid to solve a broader range of needs (…) including identity verification, onboarding (…) and deeper insights that help create better decisions and connected experiences.”

Plaid was acquired by Visa in 2020.

2nd place: Nordigen

“Open banking is literally the pipeline that allows the free flow of data”, says Rolands Mesters, executive director of Latvian FinTech, for Mara Perkuma-Maslakova, public relations manager, added:

“Open banking can help simplify property management while providing tools to improve the tenants’ living experience.”

Mara Perkuma-Maslakova

GoCardless announced the purchase of Nordigen last year to improve its competitiveness.

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3rd place: TrueLayer

“TrueLayer attracts the best professionals in the global payments industry, bringing together experts from companies such as Adyen, Amazon, Klarna and others, in order to promote open banking.”

Max Emilyson, Director of Revenues, told

Also, recently, its CEO and co-founder, Francesco Simoneschi, stated that “the company now operates in a very different context and in more challenging market conditionsin a interview. TrueLayer works, among others, for Revolut, Cazoo or Nutmeg.

4th place: Shared between MX and Mastercard / Aiia / Finicity

Jim Magats, the new CEO of MX, commented to “Financial data is the lifeblood of a connected economy. Our opportunity to make them (…) accessible and actionable is global, stretches across verticals, and has the potential to make a positive difference in the lives of billions of people.”

US Bank, MetLife and Gemini trust MX for their developments.

Jim Wadsworth, Vice President of Open Banking at Mastercard said: “At Mastercard, we are passionate about creating technological advances that allow us to offer more options and facilities for consumers to access and manage their finances or make their payments through open banking.”

For more information about the situation of fintech startups, you can follow this link.

5th place: Tink

“We realized that the personal finance and payments industry was still under the control of the big traditional banks. We wanted (…) a place open to disruption where we could have a significant impact.”

Commented Daniel Kjellén and Frederik Hegberg, co-founders, to about their beginnings.

“We’ve always looked at this through the same lens: ‘Is this going to increase the likelihood that open banking will grow globally?’ And if the answer was affirmative, they went ahead with everything… and it worked! Now they have clients like PayPal, American Express, Caixa Geral de Depósitos or BNP Paribas.”

6th place: Shared between Moneyhub and Yapily

“We are at the forefront of the data and payments revolution. Our open data solutions (…) have the ability to help companies with their growth objectives and, in turn, improve the financial lives of their customers”, declared to Samantha Seaton, CEO of Moneyhub, last december. His clients include OneBanks, AON and OpenMoney.

Stefano Vaccino, CEO and founder of Yapily, mentions in an interview for

“In 2023, we will see that consumers and companies will increasingly rely on fintech solutions to address the impact of current economic problems.”

Pleo or Moneyfarm trust them.

Discover how Open Banking benefits insurance companies following this link.

7th place: Salt Edge

Mihaela Babici, Business Development Manager, states on page:

“In a highly turbulent and tense environment, traditional financial players together with fintechs are focusing on meeting the expectations of companies, a sector that represents the challenges facing financial services as we know them.”

Mihaela Babici

They have worked for Lendex, Societe Generale or PWC, among others.

8th place: Belvo

“Our technology (the APIs) acts as a secure communication channel that allows users to share their financial data stored in banks, fiscal institutions (…), with other companies. Thus, companies can extract, analyze this data and link their products to it to offer users more innovative financial services.”

Details Pablo Viguera, co-founder and co-CEO, at

Don’t forget to visit our blog to see the nice talk we had with Alejandro Servín, General Manager of Belvo in Mexico, about open banking and the transformation of digital services.

2023, the year of Coinscrap Finance

We hope you have enjoyed our summary of the most innovative FinTech in the world in 2022. We continue to work hard to offer you developments that improve your sales figures and generate greater engagement with your customers.

Our tools analyze bank transactional data, categorize it with an accuracy of more than 90% and enrich it so that you know valuable insights to hyper-personalize the relationship with your customers, build loyalty and improve conversion.

Discover and take advantage of new additional and cross-selling opportunities due to greater knowledge of the user’s financial habits, as Santander, EVO Banco, Caser, Allianz or Mapfre have already done.

We are convinced that 2023 will see us appear in the Open Future World list!

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