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Last Thursday 21st, we held the April Coinscrap Meets. The interview format where, together with professionals from the world of banking and insurance, we created the space and the right environment to talk about finance, investment, startups and everything related to the fintech and insurtech industry.

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Specifically, in this one we chat about Index Funds Investing and its openness to any kind of audience.

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François Derbaix with the Indexa Capital case

This time, our guest has been François Derbaix who is currently Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Indexa Capital. He has a long experience in the financial sector being also co-founder of Bewater Funds, consultant at BCG, founder of Toprural, co-founder of Soysuper and Aplazame. In addition to collaborating as an investor and advisor in about 25 Internet startups.

What does Indexa Capital provide?

In this space, we have had the opportunity to talk about the growth of Indexa Capital. It is the largest automated index fund manager in Spain and stands out for offering a very low entry barrier in order to bring this type of investment to any individual.

By applying economies of scale, they have been reducing costs as they have expanded and improved their profitability as a business, the so-called “circle of success“. This situation has allowed them to apply lower and lower commissions for their users, having lowered these commissions more than 20 times since the beginning of the company and with an average of 5 times lower than a bank.

They currently have more than 55,000 clients and 1.4 billion euros of capital under management.

In François Derbaix’s words:

“At Indexa Capital, any investor with a minimum amount of 3,000 euros is offered the possibility of having an investment portfolio with global diversification and very low costs. Combining the characteristics of low commissions and diversification, the client obtains a higher profitability.”

François Derbaix

Meets’ most important topics about index funds

  • What does Indexa Capital offer and how has it been successful?
  • Diversification in assets and inflows
  • How do Robo-Advisors work and how do they benefit us?
  • When to invest? What is Dollar Cost Averanging?

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François Derbaix

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer – Indexa Capital

He is also co-founder of Bewater Funds. He is a Management Engineer (Leuven, Belgium, 1997). He was a consultant at BCG from 1997 to 1999. He then moved to Madrid and founded Toprural (2000), of which he was CEO until its sale to HomeAway in 2012. He was also co-founder of Rentalia (2003), sold to in 2012, co-founder of Soysuper (2012) and Aplazame (2014), investor and advisor in about 25 Internet startups.


David Conde Sayans

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer – Coinscrap Finance

With more than 10 years of experience in private banking, David worked as an advisor for financial institutions. David Conde is certified as a European Financial Planner by the EFPA. As CEO, he leads the team behind Txstockdata’s flagship product, Senseizero. Senseizero is a platform that turns big data from the Internet into trading opportunities.

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