Fintech Trends 2022: Opportunities to scale up your business

Within the world of finance, technological development has considerably improved the opportunities for entrepreneurship and business. The so-called financial technologies or Fintech offer a multitude of financial tools and instruments that allow us to develop our activity and grow rapidly.

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In this sense, Fintech trends 2022 constitute a very varied ecosystem of providers and services. From the implementation of digital banking platforms to the growth of fast, secure, and very low-cost international payments, the Fintech sector makes it possible to streamline economic and financial operations without making a major investment.

Indeed, virtual payments, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain platforms for financing are just some of the advantages for a startup; they involve all kinds of IT solutions dedicated to asset and financial management that represent a comprehensive approach that simplifies risk management.

Cashless: We are using less and less cash

One of the first innovations in Fintech; digital cash management platforms and services. Within this category are companies that offer free online wallets and very low-cost current accounts for managing company funds and improving their ability to grow and scale.


These types of services are organized according to each particular business and allow us to monitor our financial habits in a comprehensive, simple and easy way. Likewise, these types of applications assist in decision-making by making suggestions and recommendations of opportunities to improve the performance of operations and return on capital.

Artificial intelligence and IT security

Thirdly, one of the most underrated features of this new financial paradigm is cybersecurity marked by Artificial Intelligence. Precisely because it is efficient and invisible to the average user, we forget that it is an incredibly secure way to manage capital and obtain financing.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

If we now consider the security based on blockchain technology, we are faced with a completely invulnerable system: the cryptography used in its code represents a qualitative leap in terms of cybersecurity. It also guarantees transactions and ensures the financial inclusion of ventures and businesses that seek to prosper without the intervention of third parties that make the service more expensive.

Consolidation of new technologies

The international expansion of digital banking, especially during the pandemic, is one of the most representative Fintech trends of recent times. In Spain, this internationalization derived in Law 7/2020 of November 13, establishes a regulatory framework for the technological-financial sector. This includes data mining, blockchain applications, smart contracts, as well as all those commercial conditions for companies that provide this type of service.

Banks allied with new technologies and blockchain

Faced with this reality, Fintech trends 2022 are oriented towards the consolidation of new technologies; the most established entities and banks allied with new technologies seek to implement liquidity pool services, yield farming, and other very attractive liquidity methods from the world of cryptocurrencies.

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For any business or individual, one of the most profitable trends is the ability to have financial planning based on automated rules and behavioral economics to improve savings performance. In this way, our business can use surpluses to effortlessly produce income.

Banco Santander has been a great success thanks to its Santander Piggy Bank

Competition among neobanks

Technologies of this type have generated a volatile market in which digitally-driven new banks compete fiercely with each other for market share. This favors the user and entrepreneur since neobanks offer all kinds of benefits and very favorable conditions to grow and scale economically.


In relation to the previous section, microcredits are one of the financial instruments that best represent the profile of Fintech trends for business and entrepreneurship during 2022. This market is growing every day and offers the opportunity to acquire relatively low credits and convenient conditions that can help to enter a new market or invest in the technical capacity of the company.

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Sustainable innovation: reducing the carbon footprint

One trend that guarantees the expansion of Fintechs is the mission of many of the companies in the sector to be energy neutral. Precisely for this reason, many of the new proposals are concerned with reducing their consumption of fossil fuels. This phenomenon is part of a social transformation that seeks to establish a sustainable relationship between technology and the environment.

Buy now, pay later: enjoy the product and pay for it later

Finally, transaction management and payment and verification systems offer a number of advantages to the consumer at the time of purchase. This is a well-known practice of paying with credit and/or installments that, in communion with advances in digital money management, offers all kinds of improvements in terms of payment options and methods.

Fintech trends 2022 are notably oriented towards the satisfaction of customer needs and the development of products such as microloans, investments or cashback to meet this objective. The aim is to attract and retain users by improving their experience with the brand and thus increase profitability and the number of transactions carried out. In this sense, the proliferation of Fintechs in Spain can represent a great opportunity to obtain financing and services that allow your business to scale.

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