Coinscrap Finance joins the Alliance Spain Entrepreneurial Nation

In February 2021, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, presented the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy, a long-term vision to transform the productive bases of the Spanish economy.

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The Strategy is articulated to turn a vision into reality: by 2030 Spain will be an Entrepreneurial Nation that makes innovative entrepreneurship the icebreaker of a new model of country.

The model proposed by the High Commissioner

An Entrepreneurial Nation is built on policies that seek inclusive development to leave no one behind. Innovative entrepreneurship generates virtuous cicles with the country’s driving sectors so that they can, by receiving the stimulus of innovation, increase their productivity and generate employment for as many people as possible. This Strategy lays the foundations for a change in the country’s productive system and its model is represented as follows:

At the top of the pyramid we found innovative entrepreneurship, an extraordinarily productive and efficient sector of the economy. The objective is to promote it so that it can transmit its characteristics to the rest of the productive sectors. To promote the growth of the top of the pyramid, this Strategy sets the necessary measures for the following four goals:

Four Strategies to promote


The Strategy aims to accelerate the investment maturation process in Spain. It is necessary to increase the capacity of our investment to accompany the growth of our companies so that they can make Spain their base throughout their growth period.


Spain must develop, attract and retain talent. This is the true international competition of the 21st century. In order to make Spain an Entrepreneurial Nation, we must turn our country into a talent paradise.

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The small size of Spanish companies has an impact on their own survival and on the strength of the country’s economy. In the innovative entrepreneurship sector, many companies understand success as selling in early stages. Although this is entirely legitimate, if we want to make Spain an Entrepreneurial Nation, it is necessary for these types of companies to have the ambition to scale. 

For this reason, the measures of this goal aim to ensure that Spain has an increasing number of companies that, instead of selling, can scale up thanks to an environment that is conducive to this. In becoming big. In that they are the ones who, with their growth, become the great champions that will employ thousands of people in the future.

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Entrepreneurial public sector

This Strategy proposes to turn the public administration into an agile administration that generates favorable regulatory frameworks and promotes projects that even the riskiest venture capital funds would not be able to promote. In short, the administration should become the visible hand that pushes the lever of innovation, industrialization and inclusion.

Productive sectors

The Strategy focuses on the main productive sectors of the Spanish economy, those in which it is best positioned to compete globally and in which the impact of innovation can generate the greatest returns for the economy and society as a whole. These sectors bring together the necessary capacity so that, from our country, we can respond to global challenges, generating opportunities for the development of new markets, companies and people.

The base of the pyramid represents inclusion policies, to close the gaps that this type of transitions generate and that cannot be closed on their own. The objective of the policies is the pursuit of sustainable development and to ensure the reduction of the following gaps in a cross-cutting manner: gender gap, socioeconomic gap, territorial gap and generational gap.

Our commitment

At Coinscrap Finance we received the invitation to join as a recognition of our efforts and also as an incentive to maintain our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

As a technology startup, our main product is a financial planning engine that, thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), is able to analyze and categorize bank movements. This generates automated recommendations from the point of view of financial health and risk. Thanks to our solution, financial institutions are able to improve the NPS and savings ratios of their users while offering a hyper-personalized digital experience.

We form a versatile and enthusiastic team with a belief: most of the current products and services have not been able to really engage in people’s daily lives. This is because they have been designed based on the needs and behaviors of broad segments of the population, without focusing on real needs.

We are aware of the great challenge of changing the national economic landscape and we are firmly committed to the Alliance and its goals for 2030.

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