The 10 best neobanks in Spain

In the digital age, the way we manage our finances continues to evolve. Neobanks, a new generation of financial institutions that operate exclusively online, are gaining traction due to their innovative capabilities and more convenient management for users.

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Unlike traditional banks, these financial companies use only digital channels, such as online banking and mobile apps, to offer traditional products and services: accounts, cards, or loans. Discover their secret of neobanks in Spain in this article! Here’s a hint: technology plays a significant role...

How to identify if it is a bank or a neobank?

If you’re on our blog, you probably already know that the main difference is that neobanks offer a completely digital experience. These new entities focus on providing personalized mobile applications that allow customers to manage their accounts quickly and securely online.

Which neobanks operating in Spain

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*June 2024 data.

Features of the best neobanks in Spain


Founded in 2013, this German fintech initially focused on people needing access to their money in multiple countries. Gradually, they expanded their offerings, including the coveted Spanish IBAN and a cashback system for freelancers to save on social security contributions.

The app categorizes spending so customers can clearly see where their money goes. It already has more than a million customers in the country due to features such as:

  • Scheduled payments: Complete overview of upcoming direct debits and user-scheduled transfers.

  • Shared spaces: Displays savings and expenses, showing all transactions from the last six months.

  • Savings rules: Automatically allocates a monthly amount, sets purchase round-ups, and more.


The British neobank surpassed 3 million users in Spain and 40 million globally this year. In addition to typical financial services like checking accounts, cards, and business products, it offers a cryptocurrency portfolio and mobile phone services, among others.

One of Revolut’s most popular features is its cashback program. According to their website, the reward “is obtained on eligible credit card purchases and rounded down to the nearest whole amount.”

Expanding its offering with a second credit product (a new card launched late last year) is sure to help its growth in Spain.


Though it lacks a banking license, Bnext has a Spanish IBAN, making transactions easier for its national customers. Despite a sanction from the Bank of Spain for “not timely reporting the acquisition and reduction of significant indirect holdings in the entity itself,” the Spanish fintech has substantial business volume.

This neobank operates through the Payment Account, a product with no opening fee. It offers the option to direct deposit paychecks and other income, as well as regular bills. It also enables international transfers and includes a free debit card with no maintenance fees.


ABANCA’s neobank stands out for its high returns to users. Its proposition promises “a positive impact on your money, your health, and the planet.” This is achieved through a unique savings system tied to physical activity:

  • Health Account: Offers a high return, much higher than its competitors in its free version. The condition is that money can only be added to this product through the user’s movement. To contribute to the Health Account, the person must walk or run to meet a step count. 

Additionally, its free debit card, Pay to Save, combats marine pollution with each user payment. This makes B100 the most active bank in the fight against climate change.

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Launched less than a year ago, this neobank aims to bankarize a traditionally excluded population: migrants who only have their passport to open an account.

It’s very common for these individuals to face the problem of not having a credit history in the host country or the required documentation by banks. Thanks to íkualo, with a passport and a bill, or a registration certificate, a video call is all that’s needed to obtain a credit score.

All this is made possible through the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data. Don’t miss our interview with their CEO and founder, Harold Correa, even before the project was officially named. His story of personal triumph is worth your attention!


BNP’s digital bank already has nearly 2,000 points of sale operating through tobacconists and lottery offices in neighborhoods and sparsely populated areas of the country. This makes it one of the entities with the most cash access points in the Spanish market. Wow!

Its success is so remarkable that they expect to reach 600,000 accounts opened by next year. Their unique business model allows them to access a population recently deprived of branches, gaining followers daily. For €25 per year, it offers a current account with a Mastercard debit card and the possibility of turning your tobacconist into your banker.

They have telephone customer service in Seville and Madrid. Additionally, money control is total through their app or website.

EVO Banco

Founded in 2012 with a completely disruptive approach, it has been 100% digital since 2019 with the support of Bankinter.

It has won numerous awards for its digital banking and offers products that make it unique:

Intelligent Piggy Bank: EVO’s micro-savings are fully automated and highly customizable. Through user-configurable rules like round-ups, periodic contributions, or gamification modules, the emergency savings fund grows.

Intelligent Cashback: Allows saving up to 8% on each purchase. This amount is cumulative with any promotion or discount at associated establishments.

Moreover, EVO offers over 18,000 free ATMs in Spain and free debit withdrawals worldwide.

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After a 700% increase in customer deposit volumes last year, Bunq has become the second-largest digital bank in Europe. The Dutch bank began operations in Spain in 2021 and recently launched a very attractive savings account.

Its founder, Ali Niknam, highlights that many of their customers are digital nomads and travelers seeking the best user experience and avoiding the usual frictions with traditional online banking.

But it doesn’t stop there. Aware of the population’s environmental consciousness, they have developed a reforestation strategy focused on making a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

💡 Did you know that…

EVO Banco has an automatic cashback system that is the most innovative on the market.


With its services for SMEs and the self-employed, it simplifies accounting with automatic receipt matching, custom labels, and more.

Technology allows Qonto to guarantee “clearer and more efficient financial tracking” by categorizing transactions and receipts. This way, users only need to focus on growing their business.

Qonto divides its products and services into four categories based on the type of business customer: entrepreneurs starting their business, freelancers, micro-enterprises with 1 to 9 employees, and SMEs with up to 250 employees.


A digital bank backed by CaixaBank that offers Bizum services for teenagers under the age of 18, which has become quite popular in recent years. Once they turn 18, users automatically become Imagin customers.

This approach is a great way to build loyalty among younger generations. Another advantage is access to exclusive discounts through its cashback module. Using the free card unlocks rewards in travel and hotels, food and dining, or fashion and beauty.

It is a prime example of how traditional financial institutions are launching digital tools that lower the average age of their users.

What are the benefits of neobanks?

These and other pioneering entities in the financial landscape are changing how we interact with money. By incorporating technology that hyper-personalizes our daily management, they make their customers’ lives much easier. This is something new generations value above all.

Receiving real-time recommendations, creating multiple intelligent piggy banks in their accounts, or receiving automatic rewards through cashback 2.0 makes a difference when choosing between one bank or another. What drives their decision? The user experience, above all.

Advanced digital features provided by technology make online banking the ideal place to get the most out of their finances. This increases usage time and generates greater engagement.

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