Discover the advantages of microsavings with EVO Banco’s use case [webinar]

We know that the most disadvantaged segments of the population do not have a large savings capacity and can only save small amounts. Even if the contributions are small, if they are made progressively over time, they could amount a considerable sum.

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Have you ever wondered how micro-saving modules can help your bank or insurer to boost the savings behavior of its users?

For this reason, it is important that financial institutions offer products that meet the needs of these groups of population, enabling them to protect themselves against possible eventualities, medical emergencies, or any type of unforeseen circumstances. In short, to ensure a financial cushion.

A simple way to achieve this objective is by setting small goals and savings plans that they can meet at their own pace even without realizing it.

The micro-savings module was created to provide a solution to this problem by setting up simple savings rules that motivate small savers to achieve their goals.

This functionality has proven that users can save more than 2,500 euros per year without noticing it. And in the webinar we explain how this solution can be effortlessly integrated into your digital platform.


  • David Conde: “I always like to start with this phrase Saving is not sexy, because it defines very well that saving and investing is a difficult process and it is certainly not sexy. What is really attractive is the result. Like, for example, when you reach your goal and can afford to go on a trip when you give the down payment on your new home.”
  • David Conde: “It’s always interesting to keep Richard Thaler in mind, as he says that we don’t make rational decisions when it comes to making a financial decision, because of time or lack of knowledge. What we humans need is a little push to automate saving and investing.”
  • David Conde: “At Coinscrap we want to be that push. We want to be the company that provides banks and insurance companies with the right tools to automatically (of course, consciously) make their assets work for them.”
  • Paz Comesaña: “We are not thinking of transferring analog to digital. We think directly in digital. We are aware of technological innovations, especially fintech”.
  • Paz Comesaña: “If we were to place EVO on a scale between a traditional bank and a fintech, we would opt more for the latter’s working style”.
  • Paz Comesaña: “Our corporate culture is based on being innovative (we were born as a different project, without fear of change), simple (we seek to make the difficult easy) and transparent (we don’t believe in fine print).”

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The event took place on

Date: 17-02-2022

Time: 18:00 hours (Madrid GTM+1)

Duration: 1 hour


David Conde Sayans

David Conde Sayans

CFO and Executive Director of Coinscrap Finance, David has over 10 years of experience within private banking and as an advisor to financial institutions. David Conde is certified as a European Financial Planner by the EFPA. As managing director, David is leading the team behind Txstockdata’s flagship product, Senseizero. Senseizero is a platform that turns big data from the Internet into trading opportunities.

Maria Paz Comesaña

Maria Paz Comesaña – EVO Banco

Director of Marketing, Advertising, and Strategic Alliances of Evo Banco, with more than 25 years of experience in the financial sector. She is EFA (European Fund Administration) certified by EFPA Spain and belongs to the Marketing Directors Association of Galicia (MARKEA). He has participated in the development of EVO’s disruptive products such as the Smart Fund, the Smart Investment Plan, EVO Travel Cash, and the Smart Piggy Bank, awarded by the Umbrella Awards

Webinar Schedule

  • Introduction
  • About Coinscrap Finance
  • About Evo Banco
  • Why a microsavings module in my bank?
  • Reasons
  • Benefits
  • Evo Banco Case Study
  • Smart Piggy Bank
  • Planning by objectives
  • Gamification
  • Savings Rules
  • Success metrics
  • Question and Answer Round

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