Machine learning in finance: beyond prediction algorithms, what is the true value?

Machine learning continues to revolutionize the financial industry by offering highly accurate predictions on market trends, customer behavior or the evolution of an investment portfolio. However, the true power goes beyond the prediction algorithms. This technology can be used to automate financial processes, detect fraud, or personalize banking services.
Machine Learning adds value financial industry
How to create the best Customer Experience using Transactional Data
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How to create the best Customer Experience using Transactional Data

It has been very exciting to launch our first webinar in collaboration with the FinTech México association. We want to take this opportunity to thank them for their support and also to offer you a summary of our chat in case you weren’t able to join us live. Hope you enjoy it!

Psychology behind COCO auto-saving and microsavings modules
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The psychology behind COCO{Auto-savings}: How behavioral finance is changing the game

Due to behavioral economics, which combines principles of psychology and economics, it is easier to understand why we make the decisions we do in terms of finance. One of the key ideas in this field is that our behavior is – often – irrational, and that people tend to make decisions that do not benefit them in the long term.

Sustainability and banking
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Are we making the right assessment of sustainability?

Today, sustainability and environmental protection is not just the concern of a minority. It affects all aspects of society and has most citizens on edge. However, it is true that ideas relating to caring for the planet have evolved over time and are being incorporated into all areas of society.

Open Finance Open Ecosystem - Forbes and Minsait Payments
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Round Table: “Open Finance, towards an Open Ecosystem”

A few weeks ago the Leading Payments day took place: “Experience tomorrow’s payments today”, organized by Forbes and Minsait payments. Our CEO and co-founder, David Conde, participated in the round table on open finance together with Leonardo González, European Sales Director of Afterbanks and Iker de los Ríos, Chief Strategy Officer of Fintonic. Monica Valle was in charge of the presentation and moderation.

Personal Data protection in banking security
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The importance of personal data protection in banking

For customers, a cyberattack can have serious repercussions, including identity theft, financial fraud, or money transfer scams. For institutions, this means a major headache, as it entails significant fines and the loss of users’ trust. Especially if we take into account that cyber attacks are increasingly sophisticated.

Increase your sales offsetting carbon footprint
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3 ways to increase sales by helping your customers offset their carbon footprint

Banks’ concern for sustainability is benefiting the economy, businesses, consumers and, moreover, the banks themselves. How is this possible? Quite simply, “green banking” is an incentive for many users, small and medium-sized businesses, who want to start taking their first steps in caring for the environment.

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