20 September 2022
Digital onboarding in banking

Digital onboarding: Not neglect the welcome of your customers

In today’s technological era, it is necessary to implement welcome services that favor the customer’s permanence with the company. In this sense, one of the most […]
16 September 2022
¿Qué es el Wealthtech?

WealthTech: what it is and how to innovate in the management of your finances

Wealthtech -wealth and technology- is one of the main areas for investment and financial management. It consists of the use of technological solutions to increase wealth. […]
13 September 2022
The future of open banking and transactional data

Harness the power of transactional data: How banks can improve engagement and NPS nowadays

Last Wednesday we had a really nice chat at The Fintech House Lisbon with some of the most relevant actors of new business banking in Portugal. […]
2 September 2022

Coinscrap Finance joins the Alliance Spain Entrepreneurial Nation

In February 2021, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, presented the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy, a long-term vision to transform the productive bases of the […]
30 August 2022
Top Fintech de Colombia

Top 5 FinTech startups to consider in Colombia

Technological development has become one of the most profitable and attractive in the market. As far as the financial sector is concerned, there is a wide […]
25 August 2022
Rewards Programs - Coinscrap Finance

How rewards programs work in digital banking

The development of IT solutions for digital banking is booming. So-called rewards programs in digital banking represent one of the most effective methods of digital interaction […]
19 August 2022
Gamification in digital banking

The state of gamification in digital banking

Technological development not only guarantees the performance of operations, but also allows the implementation of new methods of interaction between companies and users. As far as […]
17 August 2022
Artificial Intelligence in banking

How Artificial Intelligence has been integrated into the banking industry

The banking sector is undergoing a major transformation due to the use of new technologies and the demands of today’s market, where globalization and digitalization have […]
12 August 2022
BFM - Coinscrap Finance

What is a BFM and what is it for?

Nowadays there are many tools and software products dedicated to facilitate financial management and control of resources. This is the purpose of the so-called BFM or […]
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