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We know that banks navigate a sea of raw transactional data every day. We also know that innovation in the sector has been held back until now by the difficulty in tracing the origin of these transactions.
A tablet with a prototype UX design of a financial product
Expense manager PFM
Financial Products

Innovation is democratized: The “white label” Expense Manager arrives

Fintech tools are not only for a few privileged ones… The integration of new modules into the digital platforms of banks and insurance companies is undergoing a revolution with APIs (application programming interfaces). Find out everything you need to know to retain the most unfaithful customer of all time!

Business Financial Manager to SMEs
Financial Products

Building a Business Financial Manager tailored to SMEs

According to Accenture, 60% of companies would use online banking more if they were offered value-added services, such as BFM. 24% affirm that they would even pay for the service. And it is that offering tools to control expenses, discover new sources of income or receive a complete financial summary, has become essential for the sector.

How to create the best Customer Experience using Transactional Data
Financial Products

How to create the best Customer Experience using Transactional Data

It has been very exciting to launch our first webinar in collaboration with the FinTech México association. We want to take this opportunity to thank them for their support and also to offer you a summary of our chat in case you weren’t able to join us live. Hope you enjoy it!

Psychology behind COCO auto-saving and microsavings modules
Financial Products

The psychology behind COCO{Auto-savings}: How behavioral finance is changing the game

Due to behavioral economics, which combines principles of psychology and economics, it is easier to understand why we make the decisions we do in terms of finance. One of the key ideas in this field is that our behavior is – often – irrational, and that people tend to make decisions that do not benefit them in the long term.

Cling_Cling CASER and Coinscrap Finance
Financial Products

Coinscrap Finance Meets: success case Cling_Cling with CASER

There are more and more innovative companies that rely on new technologies applied to financial markets, or to society in general. That want to provide an insurance response to the challenges posed by the use and contracting of their services and products.

Webinar with Evo Banco
Financial Products

Coinscrap Finance and Evo Banco launch the “Hucha Inteligente”

The need to offer an attractive and digital product led EVO Banco to create its “Hucha Inteligente” with Coinscrap Finance. In this project, the client’s savings are linked to a Smart Investment Plan, making their savings profitable with little effort.

Open Banking
Financial Products

Open Banking: use cases such as microinvesting and microsavings

You might think that micro-saving is very similar to micro-investing, but there are certain divergences. Micro-investing has some different challenges, starting with the fact that the investment vehicle varies in price, which means that over time you may have more money than you contributed and, in other cases, you may have less.

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