Behavioral Economics

The principles of behavioral economics are the second “engine” of our financial products. Here you will find analysis on behavior, financial habits, user experience improvements, buying psychology, personal finance and much more.

In this article, we will explore how these loyalty programs work, analyze success stories and discover the benefits for both consumers and banks and neobanks.
The rise of automatic cashback
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Behavioral Economics

2023 Summary: International expansion and new strategic recruits

Dare to immerse yourself in the retrospective of a year full of successes! We will recap the milestones achieved, the challenges overcome and the ambitious goals on the horizon. Throughout these months, we have grown in many ways, both in the number of team members and in the number of developments implemented. This is the chronicle of an exceptional year!

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Behavioral Economics

The cost of happiness: What is the price of being happy?

What is true happiness? His search is a topic that most mortals worry about. Almost all of us agree that happiness and financial security go hand in hand, right? That is why we wanted to check to what extent both concepts are linked. The results of the “Empower Financial Happiness” survey, published by The Currency, can help us in our objective. Do not miss it!

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Behavioral Economics

Humanizing finances: beyond the cold numbers

Let’s imagine for a moment that banking was presented to us as a movie… would we be seeing dramas, thrillers, comedies…? I propose this exercise to you because entities try to connect with people and send us messages and offers –with greater or lesser fortune– to provoke some type of feeling, like the seventh art. Let’s see the tools they use to make the financial sector more human.

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Behavioral Economics

Financial resilience in Mexico: Status and risks of this Latin American market

The Mexican financial system is like a huge ship that navigates turbulent waters and has been able to face the global storm during the first half of 2023. In the middle of the year, during the presentation of its financial stability report, the Bank of Mexico – affectionately known as Banxico – emphasized the challenges that banks look over around the world.

predictive analytics in the financial industry
Behavioral Economics

Predictive analytics in the financial sector: A sea of opportunities

Predictive moments in the world of insurance occur when relevant events such as marriage, having children or buying a home take place in our lives. The immediate context and the bombardment of information to which we are exposed also influences, which lead us to prioritize our own safety and that of our family.

10 ways to lose a banking customer
Behavioral Economics

10 ways to lose a banking customer

If you paid attention to the changes that have been taking place in the user habits recently, nothing that we can say may surprise you. Well, maybe one or two things… Because nowadays we cannot let ourselves be carried away by the inertia of the sector. According to Salesforce, 71% of customers choose a new brand at least once in the last year.

Data enrichment to improve UX customer experience
Behavioral Economics

How Amazon, Google or Microsoft use data enrichment to improve UX

Here’s a question: If they grow with data enrichment, why shouldn’t your bank?

In this post we have described one of the best kept secrets of tech giants like Google, Amazon, Meta, IBM and Microsoft and its application to the world of finance.

Steps proof of concept POC
Behavioral Economics

6 steps to success with your Proof of Concept (POC)

We launched a guide to explain the fundamental steps to carry out a successful PoC. There are many parties that can intervene, and it is necessary to define a roadmap with clear milestones. It is also important to use only the essential resources, so you will be able to maximize your results.

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