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The section where COCO promotes technological innovation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other techniques applied to banks and insurance companies.

In this article you will discover what are the best practices regarding the security of information and, more specifically, what are the protocols applied by a FinTech like Coinscrap Finance on a daily basis.
Financial data protection and security information in banking
Artificial Intelligence trained in Spanish
Banking Innovation

AI trained in Spanish: A guarantee to improve the banking user experience

One of Coinscrap Finance’s obsessions since its inception is that its AI engine “speaks” correctly in Spanish. The most popular language models, such as ChatGPT, offer lower quality results when they are interpellated in our language, demonstrating that the chatbot marginalizes languages other than English.

environmental awareness of banking and insurance customers
Banking Innovation

The increased environmental awareness of banking and insurance customers

According to conversations Deloitte had with business leaders this year, the vast majority of CxOs (Chief Customer Experience Officers) are optimistic about the steps governments, companies and individuals are taking to prevent climate change forecasts from being met. They agree on the need to take urgent action and are investing in sustainable initiatives.

Abanca Coinscrap Finance IA
Banking Innovation

Artificial intelligence solutions for financial data analysis

In the chat that took place last Friday at the ABANCA Seguros Auditorium in A Coruña, I explained how we use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) techniques in our different projects to analyze large amounts of data and generate valuable information. for a wide variety of financial services.

Sentiment analysis and financial market prediction
Banking Innovation

The relationship between sentiment analysis and financial market prediction

The IIC defines reinforcement learning (or Reinforcement Learning) as “a variety of Machine Learning that allows Artificial Intelligence to plan effective strategies based on experimentation with data.” But, in what field can we use reinforcement learning? For example, in the analysis of sentiment within the world of finance.

embedded finance revolution
Banking Innovation

The rise of embedded finance: revolutionizing the financial landscape

Traditional banks need to redesign their century-old business model. We are seeing checking accounts and loans no longer obtained at a branch, but at our favorite e-commerce store. What happens when we use embedded finance? Keep reading to discover all its advantages and not be left behind!

Digital onboarding identity verification
Banking Innovation

KYC: Identity verification in a few minutes

A collaboration with Alice Biometrics for bank and insurance customers to improve their digital onboarding through biometric identity verification. How to transform time-consuming registration processes into something easy, secure and user-friendly? Let’s go with this post!

Banking as a Service (BaaS)
Banking Innovation

BaaS: The transformation of the banking world

At Coinscrap Finance we lead by example when it comes to transforming the financial sector using technology. Banking as a Service (BaaS) is an innovative business model that has enormous potential to change the landscape of traditional banking. In this article we will discuss its main characteristics and make some forecasts for the future.

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