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Data enrichment to improve UX customer experience
Behavioral Economics

How Amazon, Google or Microsoft use data enrichment to improve UX

Here’s a question: If they grow with data enrichment, why shouldn’t your bank?

In this post we have described one of the best kept secrets of tech giants like Google, Amazon, Meta, IBM and Microsoft and its application to the world of finance.

Steps proof of concept POC
Behavioral Economics

6 steps to success with your Proof of Concept (POC)

We launched a guide to explain the fundamental steps to carry out a successful PoC. There are many parties that can intervene, and it is necessary to define a roadmap with clear milestones. It is also important to use only the essential resources, so you will be able to maximize your results.

Artificial Intelligence transforms financial industry
Banking Innovation

How artificial intelligence is transforming the financial industry

In this article you will learn when AI emerged, which were the first industries to apply it and how its use continues to revolutionize the finance sector.
Óscar Barba, CTO of Coinscrap Finance, gives us an introduction to the applications of artificial intelligence in the world of banking and insurance.

Partner in banking
Fintech News

5 reasons to find a partner in banking innovation

What happens when corporations like big banks and insurance companies bump into Generation Z? Well, they are forced, despite their multiple inertias and brakes, to meet the digital expectations of a new audience. Young people demand that their banks and insurance companies offer them intuitive and agile online applications.

User Experience banking loyalty
Behavioral Economics

User experience shapes the future of digital banking

It is becoming increasingly necessary for entities to get closer to consumers and get to know them better. It is vital to establish internal policies that maximize the value of the user experience to find the perfect customer journey.

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