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Carbon Footprint Calculator in banking
Fintech News

Carbon Footprint Calculator as a banking service

The climate emergency has reached the banking and financial sector, which has incorporated IT management tools to reduce the impact of our carbon footprint and invest in energy-efficient financial solutions.

Cling_Cling CASER and Coinscrap Finance

Coinscrap Finance Meets: success case Cling_Cling with CASER

There are more and more innovative companies that rely on new technologies applied to financial markets, or to society in general. That want to provide an insurance response to the challenges posed by the use and contracting of their services and products.

Open Banking with Alejandro Servin - Belvo
Fintech News

Open Banking and the transformation of digital services

On September 6 we were lucky enough to have Alejandro Servín, Belvo’s General Manager for Mexico, at a new edition of our Coinscrap Finance Meets. It was the first time we had an international guest and it will certainly not be the last! 

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