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Banking as a Service (BaaS)
Banking Innovation

BaaS: The transformation of the banking world

At Coinscrap Finance we lead by example when it comes to transforming the financial sector using technology. Banking as a Service (Baas) is an innovative business model that has enormous potential to change the landscape of traditional banking. In this article we will discuss its main characteristics and make some forecasts for the future.

10 ways to lose a banking customer
Behavioral Economics

10 ways to lose a banking customer

If you paid attention to the changes that have been taking place in the user habits recently, nothing that we can say may surprise you. Well, maybe one or two things… Because nowadays we cannot let ourselves be carried away by the inertia of the sector. According to Salesforce, 71% of customers choose a new brand at least once in the last year.

The carbon footprint of the web pages of relevant entities in Spain and in the world
Fintech News

Bank websites also emit CO2: Do you want to know how much?

Thanks to the page we have been able to find out the carbon footprint of several Spanish banks with a presence around the world. Why is it important to know? Because the end user of banking is increasingly aware of sustainability and, sometimes, the figures communicated by the entities are not enough.

Webinar with Enrique Álvarez, director ait Minsait Payments and Afterbanks Arcopay
Fintech News

How to read 70 million bank transactions per month with Open Banking

In our Meets we had the pleasure of chatting with Enrique Álvarez Fernández, Director of Business Development of Minsait Payments in Europe and General Director of Afterbanks Arcopay. He spoke about the current panorama of Open Banking and Open Finance, its regulation in Europe and Latin America and its impact on the Fintech ecosystem. This technology brings great opportunities for innovation and customer experience.

Machine Learning adds value financial industry
Banking Innovation

Machine learning in finance: beyond prediction algorithms, what is the true value?

Machine learning continues to revolutionize the financial industry by offering highly accurate predictions on market trends, customer behavior or the evolution of an investment portfolio. However, the true power goes beyond the prediction algorithms. This technology can be used to automate financial processes, detect fraud, or personalize banking services.

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