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Innovative Services for banking Tech
Fintech News

Technological innovative services for banks and FinTechs

A technological innovation guide that arises from the need to facilitate decision-making in the banking sector. Analyzing the latest trends and anticipating which are the most important technological innovations in the financial world is essential to be able to anticipate and improve the offer of products and services.

Open Banking Consumer Needs Coinscrap Finance
Fintech News

Consumer needs vs. Business challenges

Most companies are implementing open banking and taking advantage of transactional banking, as demonstrated by the Experian 2022 study.

The Most successful Fintechs in 2022 by Coinscrap Finance
Fintech News

Most innovative Fintechs of 2022

Like every year, Open Future World has prepared its annual ranking of the most innovative Fintechs after tracking more than 1,000 organizations in 80 countries.

Which ones have been the most successful fintechs of 2022?

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