13 May 2022

What is bank credit scoring and how to identify if it influences you?

Within the banking field, the provision of financial services involves a series of conditions and requirements that are used to establish the economic and financial capacity […]
10 May 2022

Features of open banking to offer online loans

IT development has become an unrivaled source of progress and, among other advances, has facilitated the incorporation of external services in the banking and financial sector […]
6 May 2022

Current situation of fintech startups in Spain and Europe

With the development of new technologies and their various applications in the financial field, a new sector has emerged that promises to dominate, in the medium […]
4 May 2022

Inversión en Fondos Indexados al alcance de todos

El pasado jueves 21, llevamos a cabo el Coinscrap Meets de abril. El formato de entrevistas donde, junto a profesionales del mundo de la banca y […]
2 May 2022

Behavioral economics: what is it and how does it influence the digital user?

Decision-making is a process that is present in our daily lives. Traditionally, it has been given a rational character, but behavioral economics has brought a new […]
28 April 2022

Ranking de las mejores apps de banca móvil en España

The indiscriminate advance of applications and management programs has permeated most business activities in daily life. In the case of the banking sector, the best mobile […]
20 April 2022

Banking aggregation: what is it for?

IT development has simplified a myriad of operations that improve commerce and customer information management. Within the banking and business environment, bank aggregation represents a significant […]
13 April 2022

Banca digital: El nuevo panorama tras la pandemia

Sin duda, la pandemia ha traído importantes consecuencias para todos. Esto viene acompañado de cambios sociales y económicos imprescindibles para adaptarse a las circunstancias. Las empresas […]
5 April 2022

Coinscrap Finance Meets: success case Cling_Cling with CASER

¿Qué es Coinscrap Finance Meets? Hemos lanzado un nuevo formato de entrevistas donde junto a profesionales del mundo de la banca y los seguros creamos el […]
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