17 August 2022
Artificial Intelligence in banking

How Artificial Intelligence has been integrated into the banking industry

The banking sector is undergoing a major transformation due to the use of new technologies and the demands of today’s market, where globalization and digitalization have […]
12 August 2022
BFM - Coinscrap Finance

What is a BFM and what is it for?

Nowadays there are many tools and software products dedicated to facilitate financial management and control of resources. This is the purpose of the so-called BFM or […]
9 August 2022
UX Desing App

How to improve the UX in banking apps

The indiscriminate development of new and better IT systems means higher performance in terms of personal management. Precisely for this reason, the banking sector has certain […]
5 August 2022
Financial Resilience

Financial resilience: what is it, how to achieve it and not lose it?

Domestic economic and financial management can be as complex as any other and can often present us with adverse circumstances. From a strategic point of view, […]
2 August 2022
Tecnologías que innovaron en el sector bancario

Disruptive technologies that changed banking

The international banking sector is undergoing a process of digitization in which technological intervention and IT development are deepening. However, this phenomenon is not new: its […]
29 July 2022
Tendencias en la banca digital: así es como evolucionarán las entidades financieras

Trends in digital banking: how financial institutions will evolve

Thanks to developments in IT and telecommunications, so-called digital banking brings together a multitude of banking and financial players together with technology companies to improve the […]
27 July 2022
Acceso abierto a la información bancaria

From Open Banking to Open Data

With the development of information technology and connectivity, traditional banking services, technology companies and financial institutions are linked through open banking. This model involves the exchange […]
19 July 2022
Pagos digitales: nuevos métodos

The importance of choosing the best digital payment method today

It seems incredible that we have not yet published a specific article on the new digital payment methods. We have mentioned it indirectly in other posts, […]
12 July 2022

How a bank can benefit from a FinTech alliance

Technological and IT development today represents one of the main forces of change and progress in the banking sector. This is due to the clear benefits […]
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