Coinscrap’s BFM is a white label software solution that enables small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to better understand and manage their finances. The platform gives SMEs control over their finances and more freedom to focus on their business. 

Coinscrap PFM

Why a BFM
in my Bank?


  • 61% of SMEs place cash flow management as one of their top three priorities to help them secure their financial future.
  • More than half are willing to pay an additional price each month for personalized business financial management services.
  • Only 10% of small businesses have organized financial data of any kind.


  • Know better your SMEs customers’ businesses and understand their specific needs.
  • Empower one of the segments with more potential: balances are 15x higher than retail banking customers.
  • Become a partner of the SME customers offering digital banking in an understandable way and tailored to their business needs.

Open Banking

360º snapshot of their entire financial profile in one convenient place.


 Makes AR/AP management effortless and enables banks to handle end-to-end payment cycles for SME customers.

Smart Notifications

Personalized, behavior-based triggers deliver relevant, actionable messages in real time.

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