Insurtech: Technological revolution in insurance

There are more and more innovative companies that rely on new technologies applied to financial markets, or to society in general. That want to provide an insurance response to the challenges posed by the use and contracting of their services and products.

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That is why the Insurtech sector has an increasingly relevant presence and is achieving in a very short time the same notoriety and importance as the Fintech sector.

What products insurtech brings us

The technological revolution in the insurance world is here to stay, and proof of this are the 88 companies that currently make up the Insurtech map of Spain prepared by Finnovating with the support of the Spanish Association of Fintech & Insurtech. As new additions this month are: Drive&Win, Coinscrap Finance, Bdeo and Amv seguros.

Coinscrap Finance is presented as an application that rounds up purchases or annotations in your account and saves for you in each rounding. To ensure the entire process, it has the support of CASER Seguros, which guarantees the security and total coverage of the savings generated by the user.

Companies such as Coinscrap Finance are increasingly betting on insurance coverage that is more in line with the specific needs of their users in a dynamic and agile way, and for this it is necessary that insurers react and transform traditional business models, from the way they establish contact with their customers, to the analysis of their profile and risk management.

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Proof of this is the collaboration between Coinscrap Finance and CASER Seguros, which have joined forces to create an innovative financial savings product with all the guarantees that a life-savings insurance policy can offer, allowing them to safely cover the needs of an increasingly demanding millennial market.

This is just the beginning of endless opportunities to achieve an increasingly secure and dynamic technological world. We are joining the change, what about you?

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