Coinscrap Finance is committed with customers’ information security

Since last April 24 we have certified our Information Security Management System in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard by EQA.

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We are celebrating! ✨

From the Coinscrap Finance team , we have good news to share with you.

We are sure that this advance will have a significant impact on our business and on that of our present and future clients.

What benefits does this certification bring us?

It will allow you to expand your business and retain current customers

Amazon, Microsoft, Google and other big players  in the technology industry are examples of companies that already have the certification.

By reaching its level of regulatory compliance, we put ourselves at its height in demand, demonstrating that we not only use good practices on information security, but that  we care about offering a service of the highest quality and guarantee to our clients.

Protects us against financial losses and penalties associated with data breaches

Cybercrime is the order of the day and there are numerous cases of security breaches and large economic fines that are paid for it.

With the certification and compliance with regulations that this implies,  we avoid this type of costly sanctions  that can lead to extinction in recently created organizations.

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Improve our reputation

When choosing a supplier, its reputation is key in the selection process, and more so in the case of startups that have less commercial experience.

With ISO 27001 we demonstrate that Coinscrap Finance takes the necessary measures to avoid cyber attacks, giving us a plus of confidence, key to conquering the market and strengthening our internationalization.

Implementing ISO 27001 will make us more productive and will provide the company with a Continuity Plan necessary to act , with the most efficient and rapid measures, in the face of any risk situation involving our clients’ digital assets.

And perhaps best of all, this globally accepted endorsement guarantees our effectiveness of information security within Coinscrap Finance.

Thanks for trusting us.

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