Harness the power of
transaction data

Understand the individual needs of your customers and provide relevant insights regarding financial planning, data categorization or even carbon footprint.

Banks and insurers
trusting Coinscrap Finance

A single integration,
endless possibilities

Coinscrap Finance’s AI-powered categorization engine turns raw information into financial insights and enables to deliver hyper-personalized digital experiences to your customers.

One {Smart} Platform,
multiple solutions

COCO {Categorization}

Turn raw information into clear financial transactions with an accuracy above 90% cleaning up transactions and sorting them into categories.


COCO {AutoSavings}

With MicroSavings, Automate your Account and Group Expenses, you will provide the tools to help your customers control their financial situation.

COCO {Loyalty}

You will be able to better understand the shopping habits of your users while you build loyalty with immediate rewards at partner retailers.


COCO {Insurance}

Discover sales opportunities for insurance and financial products thanks to open banking.

COCO {Insights}

Empower your financial institution delivering personalized recommendations and product-based advice to your customers at scale.


COCO {Enrichment}

Enrich banking transactional data to improve user experience and better understand your customer spending habits.



Boost your ESG strategy by identifying the environmental impact of your customers through their transactions and offer them green products.

COCO {Risk}

Access, aggregate, and interpret customers’ financial information, such as their income, essential expenses, financial habits and build better lending experiences using our decision engine.


Coinscrap Finance’s intelligent products enable businesses to leverage Open Banking to enhance affordability and risk assessments.

Our predictive insights are built by combining transactions and enriched with data from other sources. Our products improve accuracy in decision-making, and support customers after acquisition through our engagement tools.

We work with different open banking providers worldwide.

Coinscrap Finance?

On-cloud, on-premise or via SaaS

Dive into our technology through your prefered consumption type. Best-in-class integration.

No PSD2 license required

We’ll provide you everything you need to operate under PSD2 regulation.

Quality of data

Connect to the main banks and financial institutions worldwide.

Trusted by developers

Updated and great API documentation for a fast and easy integration.

Security and confidentiality

As an ISO 27001-certified company, all customer data is encrypted.

Fast time to market

White labeled tech products that drive you ahead of the market.

Our clients and partners are
our best testimony



Our products have been built inspired by the principles of behavioral finance which say that sometimes it is necessary to give a push to the user to make the best financial decisions. At Coinscrap we design our solutions to help users to analyze their finances, discover recommendations, make smarter decisions and automate them.

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